What happened to this pound cake?

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-Made this formula + 1/2 more to fit 2 tube pans.
-Same batter, made 2 cakes. Formula says bake at 325.
-One of the cakes had (seemed like a hard gel)
on the bottom. Perhaps not cooked. But, did the usual skewer testing, seemed done to me.
-The other one was perfect. Maybe a tad drier than my usual ones done in my home oven.
-Also, this trial was done in my new commercial convection for the first time. Lowered temp to 275. Fan on LO (had 3 oven thermometers read 275) Outside knob read 325.
-Thought using convection, should lower temp 50 degrees. (?)
-Would this be the wrong temp? Could it be my batter? Mixing? (mixing: standard creaming method, all items at room temp)

Original formula
1 c butter
1/2 c shortening
3 c sugar
6 eggs
3 c flour
1 cup eggnog
1 t. vanilla
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Thanks. Learning the new oven.
Okay-Lowered temp.
Cakes bake better, BUT, the tops of the cake are real flaky and dry(crusty) while still sitting in pan, when I de-pan the cake, the bottoms starts to flake off.
Now, what is wrong?
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the convections for (I'm assuming)home are tough. do you have the option to turn the fan off?
if not, try two loaf pans with bricks in then and place them in front og the fan, lower your temp. Especially if you have a lot of batter in a pan. Many times it's best to split into two pans, pia but beter results
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Thanks Panini.
It's a Montague Commercial Convection.
I'm at 250 internal and around 305 outside knob.
That's a 55 degree difference.
Wondering if this new oven needs to be calibrated.
I got them baking better, BUT, tops of the cake are still a bit crusty. Suppose it's the fan.
Panini.......No I am unable to turn the fans off.
I will certainly try the brick method.

Such a simple pound cake, yet so much problems.
I slice them open for testing......last batch> my guess...seems like the shortening didn't mix well with the butter in the beginning. There is a slight pattern in the slice (hard to explain)
With a new oven, I'm thinking it's the oven , NOT my mixing. Would someone give me some clues as to why this is happening. Such a huge investment, and I am getting discouraged.

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spoons,Your oven is just anioher piece of equipment. It need to be calibrated. It should be under warranty. When the tech arrives tell him to calibtate the oven, There should also be a setting for recovery. It is usually set at 5-9 degrees. This means that the oven doesn't call for more energy till the temps drops 9 deg. He should be able to adjust that to a couple of degrees. You can see the recovery when you open the door to check the cake you should also be able to see the rings in recovery, If your rings are big it is taking to long to recover and then becoming to hot once it's there.
Don't be discouraged. The next rainy day, buy a couple af cake mixes and experiment.
Don't let your tech talk you into increasing the temp when the temp drops, there is a setting he can adjust if he wnat to take the time. Youv'e got a good oven.
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Hi Panini,
Just had my oven calibrated today. Seemed to be that's what it needed. The repair guys said, that this oven should be set at the temperature you would use in a regular conventional oven, but this is only faster. I was shocked to hear that (?)
So, for instance...if the formula reads 350 for a regular oven, than set this convection oven to 350
Always thought it should be turned down a bit. Maybe it's this brand.
Oh well, trial and error. I'll bake some cakes up tomorrow and see what's up. Thanks for your input.

Oh yeah...bought the bricks too. I'll try without first.
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