What great NYC restaurant would welcome a 2nd grader?

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I'm going to NYC with my girl, who is extremely well behaved (in public) and has a wide appetite for a girl her age.

I was eyeing the list of great restos doing the $20.02 lunch deal, and wondering: What's the best resto I can go to that my daughter might have a chance to enjoy it?

I'm not talking about them bringing her chicken fingers and fries -- she enjoys "fancy" times and elaborate manners -- but there are probably many great places that would treat her like a bug.

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I dont think any restaurant will mind a 2nd grader. :confused: Ive been taking my little girl to fine dining restaurants since she was 2 yrs old. I think as long as you know that your little girl is well behaved it shouldn't be a problem. The restaurants I have been to have marvelled at the way my daughter orders for herself...but her behaviour could be because she spends time at the family restaurant and knows what the servers are going through. :) She helps out with waitressing when mommy or daddy can't get to a table. The servers think its funny when she leaves a tip.

Just call the restaurant and ask. The only way Ive been turned away was with my son and I needed a high chair.

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As long as she is well-behaved, there really shouldn't be any more of a problem than you might run into as an adult. By this I mean sometimes the service can be "not that great" for anyone; but I've only definitely heard about that happening at La Cote Basque.

What ambience do you think you'd BOTH like -- someplace really elegant-looking? very modern/trendy? bistro/brasserie look? quiet? noisy? with or without a view, and what kind of view? Even more important, what kind of foods does she like, or would she like to try? (And what do YOU like?)

Looking at the list, I see a lot of places that might be good to try; but it all depends on your and her tastes. If you put up a little more info (or PM me), I'll be happy to work with you to narrow down the possibilities.
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She's a good kid, behaviorwise. But like most kids her age, she wants to recognize her food, so simple things like roast chicken and grilled fish are at a premium.

I'd love to take her to Nobu, but don't know if I can get through the reservation number. I failed today. They have teriyaki chicken, which is right up her alley.

I don't usually agonize over these kinds of things, but my daughter and I are coming to NYC, just the two of us, and we might never do this again. Ever. So I want everything to be perfect.
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Daniels should have roast chicken on their menu. The Crossing here is owned by two former emplyees....their chicken with mashed potatoes is one of my favorite meals in town.
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There's an on-line reservation service called Open Table that can probably help you. You have to register, but it costs nothing, it's a very easy system to use -- the only thing is, I'm not sure if Nobu is with them.

By the way, do you have the complete list of restaurants? You can get it from NYC & Company Most of the restaurants have links there, so you could check up on possibilities.

I don't really know which definitely have what she'd like, but these might:
  • Aquavit -- really cool, modern looking, Scandinavian (fish)
  • Chanterelle -- one of my favorites in the whole city; just a perfect place, and she'd be made to feel very welcome (also one of the best deals, since they are normally very expensive)
  • Estiatorio Milos -- they are all about fish; modern decor
  • Artisanal -- faux-bistro in look, great food; if she likes cheese, this would be great
  • D'Artagnan -- their regular menu has spit-roasted chicken, one of the best
  • Montrachet -- superb food, and in previous 20.02 visits they had fish
  • Petrossian -- art deco, swanky, good food, probably a fish choice
Hope this helps.
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