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The store.

A quasi Salumarea/Deli  take out only.

Limited top end Cured Meats out sourced

In house Sausage,meatballs, Bracioli, fresh pastas, ricotta/mozzerella,+ Paula L cheeses, salads.

Entrees fresh, fresh frozen  many varities. Packaged sauces, dressings etc.

Sandwiches, and lunch to go.

Ya know, real Italian theme.

Doesn't have to be listed above.



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Would probably have to be a specialty import for a specific purpose.

I've gone for cheeses, usually a sheep's cheese. Though my local grocer has upgraded their cheeses a lot the last while.

I've gone for good bread when I didn't have time to make my own for an event.

High grade balsamic.

I usually go there when I want one of their sandwiches or other prepared foods and pick up some extra goodies while I'm there.
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Edinburgh is teeming with Italian delis, coffee shops and restaurants.  Edinburgh was a PoW area for captured Italian forces.  Many of them met and married local Scots girls and stayed on and started coffee shops, ice-cream shops, restaurants and delis.  I went to school with the offspring of many of them!

  The best deli is Valvona & Crolla - they also have an amazing restaurant, too - and their afternoon tea is a nice hybrid of Scottish and Italian.

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We just recently had a shop like this open in Anchorage. I go there every couple of weeks to get good San Marzano tomatoes and mozzarella di bufala.
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I used to go here when I lived in LA.... typical old school deli, family run, great Italian sausage, fresh bread, pastas, ravioli, great selection of cheeses and meats...big selection of oils, vinegars, tomatoes, oilves, anchovies, artichokes.....you get the picture.

Now I live in culinary hell..... I can't even get mortadella here, let alone anyone knowing what it is!
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I would go for what you said, in addition...
  • Imported canned San Marzano tomatoes in their own juice rather than puree.
  • Salt packed capers
  • Salt Cod
  • Salt packed anchovies, rather than canned.
  • "00" Flour
  • Quality imported dried beans.
  • Great Balsamic and Estate EVOO
  • House-made pasta if I am to lazy to make it for myself or I have a larger party to feed. 
  • House-made Gnocchi
  • Cooking classes that help promote healthy Italian cooking, and that utilize the products you sell. 
  • Veal, this is something I can not find anywhere here is Seattle for some reason.
I am sure there is more, I just can't think straight right now... 
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I'd love to taste Guanciale, I've never had it. I'd make a trip to the store for Guanciale, then go home and make pasta carbonara! /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif
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Oh yeah, Chef Buba, my family and I used to go to that place. We called it Pinocchio's (that's what they called the attached restaurant) rather then Monte Carlo.

Used to get pizza dough there when I was a kid. In my adult life, I haven't been there too much because it's on the other side of town. Went there once to get some salted capers/anchovies. Also did some training down the block from there for a week or so. Had a sandwich there every day. Not bad stuff.

Personally, I'm more interested in cheeses, then deli meats. I'm also more interested in American or artisinal/in-house made stuff then imports.
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.....because it's on the other side of town

Other side of town, TinCook?

Only Italian places I know of that would get me to make a special trip are on Arthur Ave., in the Bronx---which is more like the other side of the country. Well, about 1100 miles, anyway.

Sounds facitious, I know. But I don't mean it that way. Fact is, I live in a culinary desert, and for even basic shopping I have to drive to Lexington; about 65 miles round trip when all is said and done. Yet, we do it every week, cuz the alternative is eating McDonalds quality food. You'd think that with four supermarkets in town at least one of them would have some sort of selection. Alas, such is not the case.
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.....because it's on the other side of town

Other side of town, TinCook?
Well, not literally.

It's in the heart of darkest Burbank, and I don't get out to that part of town much. I live in Van Nuys and generally have to commute to the south.
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Arthur Ave. was great for Italian goodies., but for overall ethnics, I loved Zabars and Balduccies. I miss both of them. Ely  Zabars son years ago used to get me anything I wanted. He then opened his own places.
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There's an Italian Deli an hour away from me in Ontario Canada (Sault Ste. Marie) that's owned by a family of brothers. The offerings in the freezer section are made in house, there's a butcher there as well. My favorite thing they have is a sheep's milk cheese that is rolled in grape "must" (grape skins and seeds left over after the pressing process for wine) Testuna Bianca.
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I go for parmiggiano regiano, pecorino, dried porcini, good balsamic, proscuitto san danielle, and fresh mozzarella.
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