What Fine Wine is on your mind at this time?

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So, Any fun,new or exciting wines this holiday season?

A couple of wines I enjoyed recently are Paul jaboulet croze hermitage and Allegrini verona Palazzo Both under $20

had a lovely bottle of Salon new years eve.
anyone else?
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Drank a bottle of Piper-Heidsick 2000 cuvee on New Years. Tasty. Toasty. And was $37.00. I do like Salon, and Cristal, for that matter. But for 37 bucks this Champagne was good.
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I agree peachcreek, This Clos de mensil Salon I have had since my Youngest Daughter Becca was born in 94. Becca told me, You had better drink it Daddy before it becomes materized LOL :)

My pocket book also does not support these gems on a regular basis, But Ohh they are so good.

P.H. Champange is a very tasty treat. toasty, vanilla and dought on the nose. Yum
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A merlot port by Trentedue. It has an essense of chocolate in it. The final finish is a wonderful chocolate flavor. I usually don't care for things like this but it's pretty tasty.
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