What does your signature mean?

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I'd love to know what your signature means and or where it comes from. For instance, I've noticed m browns' new signature is "Honey, taste my TAB, I think it's a coke!", I'm thinking there must be a funny story behind that phrase, is there?

Also many of you have posted your signatures in languages other than English. Unforunately I can't read anything other than English and would love to know what your words are and what they mean. Would you care to share?
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Waving her hands in the air, in an attempt to fly, a young woman drinks her fast food drink and FREAKS OUT...... "HONEY, TASTE MY TAB, I THINK IT'S A COKE!!!!!!!"

Yes, she does in the end eat the Big Mac, Fries and Apple Pie. But the calories saved by that tab.....
makes you think huh.............

My old signature just popped into my head but I feel I must evolve. :p
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Dear W.DeBord:

What a wonderful idea for a thread!

I have two. The first one is in French and it means "The Earth is Alive". It is my way for expressing my deep respect and appreciation which I hold for our environment.

The second one is an old Italian expression which describes everything that is worthy in Life. "Like new olive oil and old wine".

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Why can't I have one? Mine just says Cafe Visitor!

Is it a case of being activ before you can have one.

My Hub-UK card carries the legend:

". . . where food matters"
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I finally decided on one: "Las cosas claras y el chocolate espeso."

It translates to: Ideas should be clear and chocolate thick. (Spanish proverb)

I seem to have a theme going here....
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....but how did you get the word "just an average cook..." below your name?



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I'd go for :

Quand l’appétit va tout va...

All is well if you have an appetite.

Constatine could probably translate it better than me.
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My all time favorite words written on a really bad restaurant sign. Can you imagine the genius that came up with this?


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I think what you're asking is how to actually change it in the new system? Near the top of the page, look for a button which reads "user CP" click that, then go into "Edit Profile." Then look for "Custom User Text" and just type in what you'd like people to see. (I can't think of anything clever, so I'm just going to stay "Junior Member" until I graduate :rolleyes: )
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I 'd love to know about your signatures also!

Mine "Fluctuat, nec mergitur" means "Tossed by the waves but never sink"

It's the motto of the city of Paris. When I met my husband he told me that I remind him of this motto!
It was the sweetest compliment I have ever received!

After 1 1/2 years of marriage I hope that he still thinks the same and I do not remind him the motto of the city of Venice..."Spine nell cuore"

" A Thorn in the Heart" :D

As for the deipnosophist, it's the title of the book of Athenaeus who was a bon viveur and a lover of true food.
A Deipnosophist is somebody who takes part in a philosophical dinner.

The atmosphere of his work is unique! I could only compare him with the "Alexandria Quartet" of Lawrence Durrell.
He must have read Athenaeus!!
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I stole my custom user text from the same place I stole my avatar. Not very original but I've been told I bear a striking resemblance:)
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I can trace two origins for my signature.

The famous scene of Syrtaki in the Film"Zorbas, the Greek" when "Zorba" says to his friend: "Hey English Man, Dance with me"

But there is a music, I love very much composed by Manos Hatzidakis, it suppose to symbolize a love scene and the singer ask his partner to dance with him!The title of this tune is "Dance with me"!


What ever suits you best.
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It's nice to know more about each of you, thanks for sharing.

If what you write on the bottom of the page is called your signature what is the note you can place under your name (on the left of the page)? I can't believe how quickly you all came up with something cleaver and with clip art too! I'm jealous.

I love "hot stuff" Kimmie!!!
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I haven't been using a signature until today, when I decided to add my favorite adage. I heard it first from a veteran teacher who had dealt for years with school administrators and bargained with school board members for so long she couldn't remember. She has always forged ahead when she believed in her goal, learning that waiting for the approval of "superiors" kills progress. I've adopted it as my watchword.
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Hmmm...I don't know how I managed to change back to Shugie8645. I guess it will take me a while to get used to the new look and not get so lost. I chose the sn Shugie because that's what my dad called me when I was a toddler. He's gone now, and this is in remembrance of him. I switched from Shugie to Pastachef because that's the screen name under which I save all of my recipes, and the sorority girls LOVE pasta. That reminds me, Isa. I made the lemon cream sauce for pasta yesterday and the girls didn't leave a drop:) They didn't even complain about my using heavy cream, so I also made a large pot of broccoli Alfredo and a smooth red sauce.
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