What does it mean when the head chef?

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Hello Chefs i am new to chef talk and I was hoping someone could help me with finding out what it means when the Exec chef tells me the (lead chef) that "i am now responsible for creating the chef specials." and that he is not liking the exec sous chefs taste and ideas for the chef specials. Also he keeps coming up to me in private and tells me that Im doing a great job and that he needs me to step it up more beause he has plans. I know that the answer is obvious but what i am trying to figure out is, does this mean that the exec chef is watching me? or is it a sign of trust? Good Thing Bad thing? Or am i just reading into it to much?
Thank you chefs! Hope someone can break it down for me:)
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Sounds like the Exec Chef is alluding to you that he wants you to take on more responsibilities. He may want to promote you.The ball is in your court....good luck
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Good to Hear it Chefross :) ! Thank you so much. I think i just needed some 3rd party perspective.
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Imo, your chef is giving you an opportunity to prove that you would be a better sous than the one he has now. I'd go for it.


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Creating the specials is a big responsibility. Good for you.
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Im already in love with this website. Thank all of you for your encouragement and quick responses.
Its crazy.. The Exec chef is very mellow and unbelievably nice yet firm when he needs to be. I respect the hell out of him So much that i would give the shirt off my back for him. I never was the kind to pick up extra shifts and i just thought it was be cause i was just being young and lazy but i realized that i just wasnt happy with my jobs. I am always picking up extra shifts now and putting in a ton of overtime. I believe you guys are all correct because the exec sous is extremely lazy. From not training new people, not doing the orders, showing up 2 hours late every shift, creating lazy specials, not helping one single person out, to dissapearing for all of lunch and dinner service to check his Facebook, Overall taking advantage of the company and a kind hearted exec chef. I know There are 2 sides to every story so i know its not fair for the Exec sous but i believe in honesty and hard work and I believe that it will eventually pay off.
No disrespect to any Sous chefs by all means I know plenty of sous chefs that bust their asses and it is my goal to one day become Sous.
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