What do you wear in the kitchen?

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do ppl wear toques these days? i cant recall the last time i actually seen one of those in action...
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Black Chef coat, blue jeans, dansko's and black bistro apron, oh, and a "**** hat" you know, the kind of cap that snaps down in the front. Except in the summer, when I wear a straw "pork-pie" hat.
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in the kitchen i wear

black le chef trousers
white long sleeve le chef jacket
black le chef cap with logo
black apron
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Closed kitchen for me, but I do spend some time out front shmoozing tables and running the occasional plate. The dress code is really relaxed. As long as your wearing a chef coat, you're good to go. I usually wear black jackets, black Dickies, black shoes, and a black skullcap/commis hat. If I know I'm not going to be running all over the club and I'm feeling lazy, I'll go with a short sleeve jacket and blue jeans with a bandana on the head. If I'm working a banquet where I know I'm out front, I'll go with a nice, white, pressed jacket, classic check pants or something stripey and a black waist apron.

There's plans for shorts in the summer time. I'm not too sure how I feel about that....
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I see that as motivation to work neat and tidy. I usually just wear a t-shirt during prep then change into my jacket before service starts and on most days (unless it gets completely hectic) I'm still spotless at the end of the night :)
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White full sleeve jacket, black or houndstooth trousers, bandana and toque/skullcap(depending on the weather), and Dickies sneakers if I know I'm BOH all night and Danskos if I know I'll be in and out into the dining room(they look nicer).
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I, too, find women's chefwear to be subpar. I usually go for plain black hospital scrubs- the drawstring waist is way better than elastic without losing any functionality, the material is just as heavy duty, and they're (slightly) more flattering. ;)
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A white coat attracts marinara like a magnet attracts steel.
I swear I don't have to be in the same room, but I'll find a spot on my coat.
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Wherever I work, I always find myself in a White double-breast (Long Sleeve), a White Bistro apron, Black Pants and Croc's.
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Black Clogs, Chalk Stripe Pants, White Jacket when in the window and floor, Black when I am prepping and in the morning. Baseball Cap with company logo. Would prefer skull caps to make the kitchen look more clean cut.
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I prefer skull caps too but we can either were those or ball caps with the logo on them. It's funny... most of the cooks are trading in their skull caps for ball caps.. I won't be one of them though... I hate ball caps with a passion!
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And that's the exact reason I hate checks. Them make me feel so sloppy and underdressed. So we wear jeans.

Nice looking crews, guys!
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I don't know about other female chefs but I personally like the cool, comfortable feel of 100% cotton chef jackets. My other preferences are A) light colors like pink, or anything but the standard, textbook-like WHITE, B) women's as opposed to the ill-fitting unisex that makes you feel like you're cross-dressed, C) knot buttons or cloth-covered buttons and D) XS although this size is not in high demand. I'm hoping manufacturers will soon realize that chefs come in all sizes and shapes.
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 Shannon Reed, coats.  She designs chef uniforms in Boston and they are top notch. Her coats for women are very popular.

I always work in classic white coat, black trousers.  I keep a crisply starched coat for FOH.

P.S.   I have NO affiliation with Shannon Reed. 
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closed kitchen.  white jacked with logo on it, and any chef pants i have so ill wear chex or stripes, and no hat
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If I have to go to the FOH I remove my apron and then I look crisp and clean.  I had to help the owner do expo on Sunday and I removed my apron for that as diners would see me.  
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Everywhere I've ever worked has been a variation of the usual kitchen whites. Black or Checked pants, Chef coat, pillbox hat(some places allowed you hatless if you had a shaved head anyway), nonslips, apron.
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The Chef jacket must have been designed in Alaska, who the **** would think of designing a long sleeve, heavy jacket, to work on a front line that is hotter than ****. No wonder why Chefs work in the office so much, we pass down the Chef jacket Tradition to our line cooks, so their ****ed off all the time. Did any one ever notice the dishwasher is singing and having a great time, no worries, always gets his breaks, short sleeve shirt, Boston Red Sox cap, happier than a pig in ****............Chef Bill
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