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There probably isn't a right or wrong answer to this question, but I was wondering, in your opinion, how long is to long to stay working at the same restaurant ?. I was told that it was a bad career move to stay with the same chef, or in the same kitchen for your whole career.


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There's no hard and fast rule. I would say if you can move up and you think you're capable, then do so. Whether it's at the present location or elsewhere. That's the typical ladder climber mentality. Be wary of burnout while pursuing this track.

OTOH, if you're really happy working with a chef you like, and you feel you can learn a lot more before setting out on your own, and the establishment is willing to hire a chef and a whole new crew, then by all means go with it.

If you're thinking of applying for ACF certification sometime in the future, only experience of one year or more counts toward certification points.

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I agree that there probably isn't a right or wrong answer to your question as it will to a great extent depend on your personality. If you love what you are doing and continue to do so then why not stay unti that happy day you retire. The only downside I could see is that if you decide to move on you might appear to have more limited experience than you would like. Sounds like you are in a good space. Good luck,
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Hey You said it . There is no right awnser . I myself am 41 years old and have worked in over 50 different kitchens . A lot of my life was spent working 2 jobs . I worked for both money and knowledge and now I am able to reap the rewards of my backdoor education . My advice to you is when things get to be routine and you want to progress its time to start lookin .
Good luck and keep cookin!!!!!
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It kind of depends on what goals you have in life... To be a really TOP chef with a "name" requires a whole different route than most of us take...

Stay as long as your happy. That's what most people seek in life, right? But DON'T stay because your lazy and this is comfortable. Stay because you challenged everyday and growing to be a better chef. Personally, nothing would make me happier than to find a nice place where I could remain until I retire. I strive to challenge myself and learn daily regardless of the menu or the job. So staying would let me really focus on my skills and knowledge and less on political issues of the job.

If you want to be the head chef then you should get more experience working with others because there is alot to be learned from others. But if your lined up to take over your chefs position one day when he's gone, that might work out nice just remaining in the same kitchen. Sometimes this works out fine.

I'm not crazy about people who change jobs too often. That says alot of negative things to me. I think around 3 years per-job is about average in this industry?... It's long enough to learn and not so fast a move that you look unstable.

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