What Do You Think Of Anne Burrell?

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Anne Burrell first hit the Food Network as Mario's sous during Iron Chef America comps. Now she has two shows on FN -- one cooking, one contest.

I like her cooking show, she does some very straightforward dishes while teaching important technique without making too much of a big deal out of it. The contest show, "Worst Cooks," looks like mindless and humiliating fun -- in other words, standard reality fare. Still, I like her there as well.

All in all, she's either the very best or one of the few best cooks/teachers on the FN.

What do you dudes and dudesses think?

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She was the tiny blond sous that had Mario's back. Always thought she would step up into a bigger pair of clogs.
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Ann knows her onions, and has held her own with many a guy in the NY rest. scene. She came up through the kitchens and has paid her dues. I would love to work with her.
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As a cook and teacher I think she's first rate. Mario Batalli doesn't suffer fools, let alone put them in charge of restaurants. So that should be a clue.

Her show (Secrets of a Restaurant Chef) is a little over the top. But that's what FN wants cuz its "good television." The difference between her's and other similar shows is that Anne knows what she's doing, and can teach it without being preachy. The only down side is that she tries too hard for some of the cutesy stuff, which I can do without. After all, that's why we have Rachael Ray.

The new show is really feeble, IMO, even for "reality." Nobody seems to know who this Beau McMillion is, and my guess is that they needed somebody like her to carry it. Given the way things are, though, I'm sure it will be one of their most highly rated offerings this season.
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All I know about her is that she was the chef at (now-closed) Centro Vinoteca, which was very well-reviewed and popular -- the only time I tried to go, it was packed with a couple-of-hours wait. What I remember is that all the reviews and comments talked about how terrific the fried stuff was. I had no idea no idea she was on TV -- but then, since I don't have one, how could I? :lol:
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I'll say, of the Food Network's offerings, it's Anne, Nigella, and Alton at the top.
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Shes OK, and I don't mean than in a negative 'ok' but a positive way.

Shes not my favorite personallity, but her cooking show is good, and she doesn't make me want to commit homicide like even a cameo by Rachael Ray does. I feel I'm actually learning something watching her.

That er *ahem* large redhead chef who is Kat Cora's sous chef on iron chef looks good as well, when I see her with Cora its almost always a win, when shes not there I've noticed her odds go down.
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"She was the tiny blond sous..."

Umm... that must have some time ago.:rolleyes:

She's not one of my favorites on FTV, but it's pleasing to have Suzanne's testimony that she has been a more-than-competent chef in a popular NYC restaurant.

I watched her just today doing a jokey-hokey kitchen duet with Guy Fieri (they must use the same hairdresser) and it was sort of equal parts mildly irritating and mildly entertaining. Their recipes, however, looked pretty good.


burgeoning TV critic :smokin
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She has a strong personality , "no fuss, no frills" type of gal. But I will say this, she knows her stuff.
I watched her awhile ago and her technique for Risotto was dead on. She shows alot of "how to" for the audience.
I think the media is very hard on her for nothing.
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I don't know what people see in Nigella, but thetre must be something to her as a lot of folks like her. Is it her cooking, her personality, or her looks?

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For me, it's her personality. She has the softness of presence of someone's mom. I like that in a TV personality. That, and she's a well versed food writer.
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I have watched Anne about 1/2 dozen or more times, and I learn every time she cooks. However her disjointed quirky attempts to either be funny or fun, don't work for me. I will be attempting her Pasta Bolognese, I would be greatful if some of you pros would look at her recipe and instructions and comment.
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Starting with the niggling criticisms: Compared to a recipe she or either of her her mentors, Mario Batali and Lidia Bastanich, would have written for one of their actual restaurants, the ingredient list is a bit pared down. For instance, if she were making bolo for a restaurant, there would be pork as well as beef in it -- plus a few (maybe quite a few) other things. The techniques are a bit pared down as well -- too much food processor and not enough knife for my tastes. Really though, neither of those things is very important. But you asked.

Taken overall, it's an excellent recipe that should be instructive but not hard to do at home. The techniques she's emphasizing are reduction, browning and patience. There's a sort of uber technique too; one that's very important in Italian cooking, "marriage." That is, nothing really stands out in the final sauce. Rather, everything blends and works together in happy homogeneity.

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There are many, many chefs and cooks that annoy me on FN. So many "phony" feeling chefs. She can be a little that way, too, but I like her better than any of her female contemporaries. I do like her cooking show, and as far as the cotest show goes...if a show has someone getting voted or booted off, I am so there. Guilty pleasure. Finale is tonight!
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Taken overall, it's an excellent recipe that should be instructive but not hard to do at home.

Which, of course, is the point. She's not aiming her recipes and instructions at pros, or even advanced foodies; just at-home cooks, many of whom didn't know what a bolognese was until she taught them.
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