What do you think/do about school food?

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Yucko....Who came up with rice crispy treats being a nutritionally balanced breakfast? or Donuts infused with vitamins are really OK for daily fare? Or we can get around the fat requirement by shipping in Dominos or whoevers pizza for school lunches?
Those of you that have kids, is this happening in your towns? My kids go to a suburbia school system with loads of $$$.
AND IT IS DISGusting! Why teach health and serve c**P for meals. (Can you tell this is a HOT Button) I'm going into a Middle school this Fall to teach 8th grade students nutritional cooking/ along with a sustainable farmer. Alice Waters has started the garden/gardener and chef GASP kitchen in Berkley schools...what's going on around the country????
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shroomgirl, although it may not answer your question, exactly, there is an interesting string in the Corporate Chef, Inc. board that discusses this very same issue. (school food gone bad).
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I think it's the same thing that's happening everywhere. No time, in a hurry= let's have some convenient food. Why bother teaching a kid about different foods, let's just serve him/her something we know s/he'll eat.
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