what do you think about the new reality show about the restaurant

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i'm just curiuos what others think about the new reality tv show "tThe Resaurant" starting next week..... a couple of saturdays a summer we have a video guy come in and film us at our best and worst... it's great to watch with the fellas and a couple of cold ones...after the shift... you have to watch several times to see it all... does anyone else do that????
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we have been talking about this for years. i would love to do a parody of what goes on in our hotel. embelish the funny charactaristics of all of our employees. the insane blood drinking chefs, dishwashers shooting dice and smoking blunts behind the dumpster, the mysterious f and b director that everyone has heard about but never met. i assure you, my hotel could make shows season after season.
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Let's put it this way...Between pros (who happen to be home when it airs), weekend warriors (who only get to go crazy in the kitchen on weekends) and avid home cooks - it has a built in audience.

Who will be sitting at home nodding "yes...yes.. it's just like that?" and who will be aghast at conditions they never pictured? I have to set my Ultimate TV to record this thing...
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I think it starts July 22? On NBC (broadcast), so I'll see how long I can stand to watch it. One thing's for sure, the kitchen is NOT going to sound like a "real" NY restaurant kitchen. :eek:


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Well that would make the dialogue non-existent :)

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Rotf! Or any other kitchen for that matter! Kinda like the Osbournes meets Iron Chef? They'd have to dub more lines than a Jacky Chan movie:D


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The show premieres on Sunday July 20 at 10:00pm.

And guess who is producing this show? Mark Burnett

For more information about the show visit
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Hey , checked out the link . What is wrong with his health ? Thats a pretty big lump on the right side of his face .
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I'll watch it, if I don't have to work at 5:30 Monday morning, but it sure sounds a lot like the Morimoto thing on the Food Channel, where another fabulous chef opens a restaurant under the gun. Actually, spare me. I was wondering the other morning who the poor slobs were who worked in the Chili's next to where I work. Now that's human interest. To me there's nothing remotely real about "celebrity chefs."
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I dont know Guy's:chef:

I think it mght be fun to watch .....and see now other chefs handle
the every day problems that we face on a slow or a busy day

I know one thing, I'm going to be watching it tonight. It's on at
10 pm ....

only time will tell if the rest of the world sees us as we truly are:
and that is crazed and depraved! :eek:
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i just caught the last ten minutes of that show,,,,,,,,,,, who the **** doesn't have tables and chairs ready to go in a four million dollar restaurant 2 hours before your grand opening-----------i am let down . dare i say reality tv has sunk to a new low? lets not forget the sexy chef advertisment for amex imediately following the show, man tv sucks!
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Was it as good as Fawlty Towers !:)

We had two similar shows set in michelin 2 & 3 star kitchens.
It showed brilliantly the intensity & madness that standard of kitchen breeds.
The two chefs got really bad press after the bullying & tantums were aired on tv. so not all publicity is good.
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and the language! gosh, golly gee! i've never heard anything like it in any kitchen i've worked in. :rolleyes: tune in next week when you get to see rocco break into a sweat on opening night and use actual foul language and throw things when opening night doesn't go as planned.
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I watched it. Had fun. Reminded me of when food network did Morimoto's new restaurant. Like the producers purposfully had the contractors start 3 days late so they could barly if even finish on time. You know? Just to start it off with a bang. Just seemed that either they started work to close to start day or set an un-realistic time line for completion. Rocco must have shortened his life expectancy by 2 years in 3 weeks.;)

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What they don't show is the ENORMOUS amount of work that must have happened months, if not a YEAR ago to to make it seem like it could come together in 7 weeks. Reality TV? I don't think so...

BTW- The place has been open for a month or so- what do the foodies in NYC think about it? How about the food critics?
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Are you guys talking about that Coors/Amex commercial on Sunday night? I know they threw a little kitchen stuff in, like digging rats out of a drain with a wooden spoon and someone throwing 4 million dollars at a 6 week project. The very thing that increases the failure rate of restaurants that they kept mentioning.
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I staye up to watch it ...
I'm soooooo disappointed :rolleyes: i mean it was sooooooooo
boring ..NO swaring NO relly anything give me a break:confused:

I dont get it if there going to be doing this thay need to be in a relly kitchen .whith real chef's and line cook's :(
Not whith all these candy coated so call chef ..
I'd like to take them in to my kitchen and see how long thay last:lips:
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I was never quite clear on why the schedule was so unrealistically tight. I can only assume it was to keep us viewers on the edge of our seats. I fell off the edge of my seat when I went to sleep....

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