What do you just hate to cook/prep?!

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If i have to think of things that were really annoying to do at work on my last job i would definetly say it was the cod , or Bacalhau  as we call it here in Brazil. 

They come with a huge layer of salt that needs to be washed , then placed in a large vessel with water , wait a bit , and change the water. 

Re-fill the vessel and change the water again , after about 3 water changes , you must boil the fish <_<.

The problem is it was served in a salad ( a salad that would be made at most 4-6 times a week ) and you needed to shred the fish by hand for the salad. The small and large bones were annoying to do when shredding, that and you have to use gloves , the salty water would screw with the skin on my hands as well as leave them reaking for hours <_<. 

I used to have a cook that hates peeling quail eggs <_< because she would have to do about 10-15 boxes of quail eggs about 200-250 eggs. 
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Yeh raw garlic sucks , worse is mincing that sh*t. 

I usually put them in a pot and fill with warm water , let them rest int he water for 5 minutes , they peel easier , put are still annoying <_<

Only thing worse is when you have to mince it , thank god the last restaurant i worked allowed us to puree the garlic to incorparate in dishes , too bad we still had to peel XD. 
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I didn't read #11...boy do I hate prepping fresh thyme too. Especially when they come in extra small leaves.
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As if any and all industries have 11 things that people dislike to have to prep....somebody has way too much time on their hands.

The things I dislike about my industry have nothing to do with the food as I love what I do so much, the work involved is not hard.

If the list included things like ice carving without a chainsaw, or having to crawl up into the ceiling to fix or repair a walk-in cooler compressor, while cooking a dinner for 500 plated....now THAT I could see, but these examples are too pedestrian.
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roasted bell peppers? never heard such a thing they are so easy!

things i don't like to prep are-

chopping fresh herbs de provence

mincing garlic if i need large amounts 


thyme and oregano if there small


however i don't hate to prep anything, some things are annoying but the ending results are totally worth it and everyone is different i know i like doing some things that others dislike. 
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I actually enjoy peeling and de-veining shrimp , or peeling almonds XD 

Thyme leaves are annoying <_< especially if its a bunch and i need 2 cups full of it. 
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Don't any of you guys have a garlic mincer???
Oh I hate deveining shrimp. To me it's on a level with
cleaning out dog kennels....or maybe the grease trap.
Not real keen on frenching lamb racks either.
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I dont know why frenching lamb racks wasnt mentioned....it is literally is annoying

BUT NOT AS ANNOYING AS PEELING GRAPES <_< those who have done it know the torment XD 

I have been lucky to only have to just watch others go through that torture.        /img/vbsmilies/smilies/rollsmile.gif  
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Is there ANYTHING fun to peel? Well rubber maybe...in a 67 Chevelle.

Got another one--probably blocked it from memory due to extreme anxiety--

and that would be anything that involves working with Phyllo dough.

Positively hate that stuff! /img/vbsmilies/smilies/mad.gif
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Prepping Conch can be a chore.  My last restaurant featured Conch Fritters, and we prepped about 20 pounds of Conch a day.
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Omelettes. I did about 10,000 this year, used to love it, then I hated it, then I got new pans, and then I loved it, then I hated it again. Also potato chips, always end up with grease burns all over my arms.
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For the moment im not to thrilled to pound sny snitzel for a while, did 900 pieces on thursday, i can stilll hear the banging. Im sure my helper isnt too thrilled to be frying any off for a while either.
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Honestly I hate making Egg's Benedict. Simple, easy but I just hate it. We also have these "Tuna Tacos" on the menu, seared ahi tuna with some Asian slaw and sriracha aioli, again simple, but I do hate making it, for reasons I cannot explain. 
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De veining whole shrimp. Taking out the poop shoots from 200 shrimp make me never want to eat shrimp again..yuk
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Why doesn't everyone use peeled garlic? A gallon of the stuff is under $30 (I just stay away from the imported crap from China) A few seconds in the Robot Coupe and voila!

Shucking and chopping raw quahogs for chowder is my biggest peeve.
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