What do you hate most about servers?

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When I am cooking, I am in the zone and I don't have time to answer dumb questions from the FOH bubbleheads they hired to serve.

- Grabbing a plate before it is finished.

- Explaining a ticket that is for a needy guest and could have been put in as a add on, something they forgot, or didn't know how to put in correctly. I don't have time to stop and hold hands with you.

- My single guest ordered a sandwich. I will just take this one and you can make another one for your current ticket.

- Is it ready yet? The customer has been waiting a long time! Standing there staring at me with a dumb look on your face is not going to get your order come out any faster. Go do something, get them refills on their drinks and get out of my kitchen until you are called for service.

They screw up orders and lose their tickets all the time. It's seems everyday I have to remake shit for them when I am really busy. It really puts me off.

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Waiters are not gonna change, sucks but its true. What we can change is how we react to them. in my experience the better your relationship with them the more they will try to work with you. I like having a good relationship with them, trying to be civil with them will always yield good results, even if its only to make your job easier. Those are my 2 cents.

And I hate when they don't take the time to dump food in the dust bin properly, before stacking up the plates for the steward to wash. 
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I have not responded to any of your threads because it is better not to be snarky.  The one theme that I see is that you are smarter, harder working, and generally much better than all you work with.   To me you sound like a drama queen that was spoiled as a child.  There are always some problems between the FOH and BOH.  Good management practice can keep this to a minimum.  I would suggest you may want to seek another profession that is more suited to your temperament.  One that has less pressure and less contact with other employees.  You stated that "I have paid my dues," I am much older and wiser and am still paying my dues.  Good luck and work on attitude.
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Not having access to any of the CT stats I cannot quote an actual number but your thoughtless title (which you are stuck with since no one but a mod can change it) just insulted every member who has either wait staffed in the past, currently do so and/or has a loved one who does.

Thanks for that......


I was (like jimyra jimyra ) going to refrain from commenting but just couldn't stop myself.
Have a nice day.
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I'm sorry you are taking a forum discussion too personally, and too hard. In the past I have been a host, a server, an expediter and a dishwasher. I never made any problems like this for the kitchen staff (employer, or fellow employees) when I am focused on doing my job. Not all servers are bad, but not all of them are very good either.

I feel this is a discussion worth having. This is Chef Talk. I don't think it's your place to tell me what to do for a profession, or stalk me on the forum by taking bits of conversation from other posts and making it into something you want it to be. I think you have way too much time on your hands.

Maybe if the server last night had kept better track of her orders, I wouldn't have had to make duplicate orders for her last night that wasted my time, wasted the customers time, and cost the restaurant money. This is the same server who asked how long the order would take, because I had to make up for her mistakes last night.
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