What do you cook when you don't feel like cooking?


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Usually mac & cheese and crudite. On the table fast and some semblance of a balanced meal.
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i do BS curry
on the week ends i make a metric ton of curry paste ( really what ever i like some time i like stuff with shrimp paste or coriander heavy what ever i have lying around) then i open a can of coconut milk or some cream and some vegis and combine ........or i make pasta dam its easy

Putenesca FTW!
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oof, crepes are a lot of work to me. Anything that requires you to stand there at the stove and do one by one, is not something i do for when i don;t feel like cooking.
Pancakes, at least, can be done four at a time!

A friend of mine says that cereal is most women's favorite meal when the family is not home. It's one of mine. Cheerios and raisins. yes. nice. I wonder if that is true, though, about women.

It's one thing to cook occasionally or even often because you like to and want to, it's another to have to feed a bunch of people every single day with a balanced meal. True, many men do that, so maybe the question is, if you're the chief cook and bottlewasher in the family, do you go for cereal when you;re alone?
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The only time I'm alone for a meal is lunch time. I eat leftovers or a salad with whatever I have on hand. Sometimes I'll throw together a quick soup or something else. I don't usually eat cereal unless it's for a snack, because I am hungry within an hour or so after eating it as a meal.

For quick family meals, I'll throw together a tuna casserole, sloppy joes, or something else quick and easy. Sometimes m 16 year old daughter will cook if I'm not feeling well.
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I will usually throw in a pot of pasta; toss it in some olive oil; salt, pep, red pepper flakes, grated parm. If I don't feel like pasta I toss some rice on the stove and once it is done toss it in a hot pan with some olive oil so it gets a nice crusty crunch and then toss it with loads of sriracha. Alternatively if I am super-beat after a particularly grueling shift I will just cook some pasta and toss it with sriracha.
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I keep some frozen things on hand for just such an occasion, usually do up batches of lasagna, cabbage rolls, chili, pasta sauce etc and just throw them in the oven when I get home.

But if I don't have that around I often go for tacos/fajitas. Takes 20 mins, reasonably healthy and filling.

I make my own seasoning so dont have to worry about a package being around, (and the tons of extra salt in them). And I often have the hard shells in a ziplock in the cupboard. They last for months and are still fine. If I'm out, I just go with a taco salad :)

Taco seasoning:
chili powder
onion powder
garlic powder (fresh preferably, but with powder you can make a large batch and always have some premixed on hand)
dried chili flakes
cumin powder
corn starch
S&P to taste (I have high BP so leave the salt out mostly, and go with lots more pepper)

You can play with the ratios to get your favorite mix. I go with less oregano and paprika and more chili powder and garlic. But even 1 part of all of them works. About 1 tsp of everything goes with 1 lb of beef/chicken etc.
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Scrambled eggs, fried eggs, omelettes.

Sandwiches, "pannini"sandwiches, fried egg-sandwiches (Linda wants hers scrambled), egg-salad sandwiches.

Sardine salad sandwiches (Linda, the shikseh, has ham salad).

Toast, cheese-toast, cheese pannini.

Toast, bagel or arab bread with hummus, baba (mutabel) or tarama (which we ALWAYS have lying around).

Bagel and lox (usually have either lox or gravlax) bagel and herring, bagel and taramosalata.


PS. Re bagels: I don't have a good bagel recipe but am on the qui vive.
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Cereal...cold or hot. Hot is usually Oatmeal (the whole grain type) with brown sugar, raisins and touch of cinnamon...in the micro.
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I will usually throw in a pot of pasta; toss it in some olive oil; salt, pep, red pepper flakes, grated parm.Tonight I didn't feel like making much of a mess, or really cooking much. So I just grabbed a red onion, nice ripe tomato, and a cucumber.
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Well there's that little problem. And to me, the idea of "holding" a crepe, or of preparing them in advance, or eating them lukewarm, makes about as much sense as drinking a lukewarm beer with a straw.

What I do is this: I'll make one crepe, serve it to my wife, and while she's eating I'll make one for me, then she watches me eat. Then we repeat this process until

a) we can't take it anymore.
b) there's no more batter.

(b) never ever happens because I always make extra batter for breakfast the next morning. :thumb:
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Quesadillas are super fast and there are limitless possibilities. Add a glob of sour cream and some fresh salsa...mmmmm.

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