What do you charge for your cakes?!?!?

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OK...so I am brand new at cake decorating....at least in the sense of starting to actually buy tools and things to do it the right way =) I have done I think 6 cakes for friends at no charge and now people are wanting to pay me to do cakes for them. The problem is....I have no idea what I would charge? So my question is what would you charge for one of these cakes? (yes I know they aren't perfect so I don't expect to charge much.....but I am working on it!) Also any pointers would be very helpful! I have been making all my flowers and other decorations out of homemade marshmellow fondant, gumpaste and modeling chocolate. The cat is cereal treats covered with modeling chocolate. I appreciate the help!   
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 Don't belittle yourself, Very Nice Work..you have an inborn gift and a great eye,I can see this by looking at the detail of the leaves.and none of your friends could do this. 

        Cakes today as you know are priced sometimes in the Thousands. I don;t know what state or city your in but if I were you I would price the competition. Stay a bit cheaper then them.. If you are to cheap everyone will take advantage of you.  If it is for friends figure your cost of ingredients. How many hours you put from beginning  mixing  to finished decorating. Delivery time etc Compute your time at a minimum of $ 25-30 per hour, and that is cheap. Selling cake by the person  minimum $5.00 pp.and thats cheap to.
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For perhaps the first time in history Ed and I are 100% in agreement.

You need to step back and really look at your cakes. For certain, nobody with talent is ever fully satisfied with their own work. But put that aside and look at what you're producing. You're much better than you think you are.

So, stop undervaluing yourself. There's nothing wrong with recognizing your own talent. And charging appropriately for it.

For an unbiased view I had Friend Wife read your post, without showing her the pix. Then I scrolled down. Her immediate reaction to your question: "Whatever the market will bear, plus 10%."
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Thanks so much for the information! I live in a very small town of about 5,000 in southwest Iowa. There are only a couple ladies that do cakes around here that I know of, and they are pretty traditional. I will have to find out what they charge. I think my greatest weakness right now is smoothing out buttercream and rolling out the fondant! Drives me INSANE sometimes =) So if you have any helpful tips for that it would be GREATLY appreciated as well!
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