what do I do with it ?

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What can you do with Jicama, besides just peeling it and eating it raw or putting it in salads ?.
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You can substitute jicama for waterchestnuts in a stirfry. You can make a slaw salad out of it and even try it in a salsa. Works with cucumbers and oranges very well. But I think it is best in a salad.
I think though the recipe that caught my eye is a Jicama Ceviche. The site that has that recipe is http://www.goodcooking.com/ceviche.htm
I have never tried that, but it looks good.
Another unusual one is a jicama fries.After all jicama is sort of similar to potatoes. http://www.ichef.com/golden-recipes/...les/14275.html
Hmmmm hamburger and fried jicama? Could work. :)
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Jicama slaw is killer! Shred it and marinate in a red wine balsamic vinaigrette, with a little sugar and assorted colored peppers. Actually sliced thin, fried and put on a hamburger is pretty good, too. You can also criss cut it and use it as a starch in appetizers.
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