What discs should I get for my food processor?

Joined Jun 17, 2014
I bought a new Cuisinart Custom 14-Cup Food Processor. I love it! However, it only came with 2 discs (a 4 mm slicing and a shredding) and I think I might need more. 

The discs that can be purchased separately are 2 mm slicing, 6 mm slicing, 8 mm slicing, julienne, fine shredding, and fine grating.

What discs would you recommend? Or what ones do you own? 

Joined Jan 25, 2013
I own a smaller version from a different company.  It has a slice/shred blade and a 'S' chop/mix blade.  I would only buy an extra disc if I knew it would be used often.  Having 4 or 5 extra discs that just collect dust seems kinda pointless.  I use my food processor mostly for cole slaw, salsa, and cookie ingredients.

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