what did you wear to your PROM?!?!

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Just a fun little thing... mostly for the ladies... but what'd you show up at your prom wearing... I just recently bought my own prom dress and I'm just a little curious... (what about you Mr. Bond did you go with the same secret agent mistique you have now???:smokin ) --april--
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Although I did have fun at my prom (came with no one left with someone else's date, who was supposed to be my date anyway). It was a little embarrassing before I got to the Omni in NY for my prom.

I wear a size 0 and I remember telling my mom that I could fold the dress up and it would fit in my purse. I also got a trench coat as a graduation gift and wore that with it. Unfortunately, I took the train to the prom. My trench was so long, and my dress was backless, so all people saw was a little bare skin between the lapels and my stockin legs. Some ole dude in a towncar pulled up and actually asked me if I was working !! Accccckkk! :blush:

I promised that I was never gonna wear a dress again after that. Im a tomboy who shouldnt try to be girly girly. Look what happens.:D

Oh almost forgot....it was a little, backless red mini dress with heels. I can actually still fit in it altough I now HAVE hips to put in it. The boys I hung with actually thought I was a new girl in school and not their buddy.:rolleyes:
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On a bet, and I was the only one who showed up with them on, black and white saddle shoes. Catholic high school, junior ring dance, only one I ever went to.
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LOLOOLLOLOLOLLL Kyle as a 1976 graduate I can totally relate...I think there are still pix somewhere. I wore a black halter topped formal ....Memphis in the 70's I probably went to 6 formals a year for 2 almost 3 years. I had alot of spaghetti strap, halter top black dresses. They'd actually be Ok today....but there is NO WAY I'd ever fit in them again. As I recall the corsages were wrist ones...In college I remember going to one with a Fullback that looked like a Blues Brother...Animal House had just come out.
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A voluminous Granny Smith apple green gown. It looked a bit like it almost belonged in Gone with the Wind. It was actually a very pretty dress although definitely not in style today. There were two layers of skirt with the outer one being transparent. The inside layer got caught in my pantyhose after I went to the bathroom. Luckily, the skirt was long enough that I didn't moon my fellow graduates, their dates and the parents. Best thing about that dress was that it wasn't too tight and I almost won an eating contest against a hockey player friend (we tied). Ok, I was also a bit of a tomboy. It was a terrific buffet at the Hotel Vancouver.
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I quit school when I was in the 10th grade, but I wouldn't have gone to my proms anyway. My school stunk and so did 95% of the students who went there.

When I was 18, my friend from a very small alternative private school asked me to go to his prom. He didn't want to go, but his parents were forcing him to. And rather than have to ask some girl he didn't like, he wanted me to go with him as a favor. So I agreed. It was one of those types of schools that no one listened to dress code even though the prom was supposed to be formal. A small handful showed up in formal wear. The rest would show up in assorted outfits and even jeans, a t-shirt, and Chuck Taylors. John and I were going to go in a rudeboy theme and buy matching sharkskin suits and take a checkered cab to the prom. However his parents intervened, insisted on a limo and him in a tux. He was NOT happy about it. I still wore a dark green sharkskin skirt and jacket with loafers. I was a chelsea girl at the time so I even had the haircut to go with it. It was actually a really cool prom. They hired the DJ of the alternative music radio station and he played a lot of ska (went with my outfit!) and goth (went with other people's outfits). There was another prom down the hall in a different ballroom and I peeked in on them: a large crowd of uncomfortably formally dressed Japanese kids from the prestigious private school dancing in a big circle to a rap song, "HEEEEY! HOOOO! HEEEEY! HOOOO!" putting their arms up and down. Our prom was waaaaay better.
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It was June and it was hot and I just didn't feel like wearing a gown. I thought a cute little skirt with white shirt, though not haute couture was sensible. And after all, if you have legs like mine, you should show them off don't you think?

Picture Link

A little risque perhaps and a chance at skirting the good taste rules (skirting, get it?!? Hah, I kill me!):bounce: :bounce:
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Chrose, what a lovely get-up. I didn't know you had such gorgeous legs!:lol:

I bought my prom gown at a thrift shop. It was a long white silk number with gathers all along the bodice, and it had spaghetti straps. I think it cost me about $30, back in 1983. My date and I were crowned king and queen, because we won a dance contest. I remember the song that won us the totle: Jumping Jack Flash. He was doing splits on the floor!! What an amazing night.
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I didn't even bother going to the prom. Nyaaaa. We held a giant party out in the desert with a band and all...
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My hubby and I attended our prom in 1975. I looked like "Little Bo Peep" and he decided aqainst the tux and went with hiddeous blue plaid pants. We looked very comedic.
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I wish I hadn't bothered. I didn't have a date, I was supposed to go with friends but the group all chickened out and found dates so I ended up riding to prom in a red pickup truck with a guy who I didn't even know (I call him Randy the Ranger). Fun.

And my mom decided it would make more sense to make the dress, so I ended up with this teal green princess line off-the shoulder mass of too much fabric (it was huge on me) with matching shoes. (ACK!)

I ended up donating it to the costume department of my college, where they took out about half the fabric and let me wear it as my ballgown in the Sound of Music, and it was STILL huge.

My goodness. I spent prom riding up and down the elevator with a friend who hates crowds. The smart student government had not planned for a big enough space for all the people, so it was hot and stifling and blech.

I should have stuck with my history of not going to ANY dances.

The only dance/formal I have ever enjoyed was the one I went to that was a Masquerade Ball with my then-fiance. But those type of things are always better when you are in love....

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Mr. Bond you are too sweet and I thank you for it. I'm getting very excited prom is on May 3 which is my two and a half year anniversary with my boyfriend andy. We just finalized dinner, dress, tux, and limo arrangements... now the only thing left is the perfect after prom party. Which I'm actually considering throwing myself. That way if anyone shows up with alcohol I can just kick them out. Haha:bounce: oh yes... 99 days till graduation..
love april---
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I didn't go to either of the proms. I thought they were gross and immature.........and nobody asked me.:cry: Don't worry, I made upo for it in college!;)


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Do you know shawtycat, that you've just incurred the everlasting hatred of every woman in the world? :)

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