What did you Pop!!

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Happy new year everyone,

So...what did you pop last night?

89 Salon Clos Du Mensil here:lips:

What about you?
:beer: :beer:
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Happy New Year to all.
We opened a bottle of Nicolas Feuillatte 1990. Very tasty. Cheers!
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Found in our recent move. 86 Tattinger Rose from a hotel opening I was part of back then.. Asked at the local wine store if they were any good and was told,probably not.
Well, very nice and very smooth.
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A bottle of Piper,
(ahem,edit to distinguish from the bad experience of the gentleman below:))
That is '89 Piper- Heidsieck Brut,
very nice alternative to the usual. Not too expensive.

Followed by a bottle of 91 Quinto do Noval port.

Part of my severence package:)
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Roederer Estate Anderson Valley Brut (NV). Quite lovely and dry, and not expensive, if I remember right (we bought a case some time ago).

It was the first taste of "champagne" for my cousin's two boys, David (age 14) and Nathaniel (19) -- so it was great watching their reactions. Nathaniel raised the glass near his mouth and got hit in the nose with the bubbles; he got this look of :confused: :confused: :confused: :eek: -- really cute. But he liked the taste. David, on the other hand, started giggling BEFORE he even tasted it and was able to describe what he liked about the flavor -- that kid had the right idea!
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Well, unfortunately all we had were a few small bottles of Piper. I was so disgusted with the stuff that I fired off an email to the company at about 12:01 am. It was like one of those strange Japanese candies. Happy-Kitty-Lucky-Champange-Flavor-Candy! With all the wine that I've drunk in the last ten years I have never come across a bad bottle, corked bottle etc. Is it possible for champagne to go bad to the point where it's not potable?
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I was with a bunch of friends with eclectic tastes. We were a bit short in the bubbly department - champagne cocktails were made with Chandon Blanc de Noirs and there were a couple of bottles of Gloria Ferrer Brut popped at midnight. Other than that, we had the '96 Falesco Montiano, '96 Topolos Rossi Ranch and Piner Heights Zins, '96 Ramirez de Ganuza (lots of '96s for some reason), and the 2001 Two-buck Chuck (aka Charles Shaw) Chardonnay. All of these were good, with the Ramirez and the Montiano being particularly good. The Charles Shaw was a surprisingly good Chardonnay - good fruit, good acidity, not overly oaked. IMO, better than a lot of $40 Cal chards.


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