What did you have for dinner?

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Shiitake and sausage are too many ingredients..? The onion and garlic were minimal so I wouldn't count them as a weighty ingredient, and a pizza is going to have cheese..
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I mean shitakes are so expensive here. Kinda luxurious pizza toppng.

So what went bad?
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Chris and Petals, you are killin' me with that Halloumi. I love Halloumi. Fresh or sauteed, it is good stuff. A few weeks ago I made sauteed Halloumi and placed it in a baguette with fresh tomato, lettuce, and Hummus spread inside the bread. Sooo good. Wish I had taken pics.
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The crust wasn't as buttery, for a lack of a better way to describe it. It tasted too yeasty to me. I'm partial to more of an artisanal crust-like texture and flavor. I don't know..it just seemed uninteresting.

Here shiitakes are quite expensive too, so I buy just a small amount (about a pint?) for about $3.59. They come already sliced, which annoys me. The whole ones are insanely extravagant in cost.
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I made a stuffed bread the other day.

 Belgian bread, cheddar, fleurs de l'ail (garlic flowers), chives, parsely, anchovies with capers, red peppercorns

 Chop bread into squares

Load with cheese

Add your choice of fillings, in this case the ingredients I listed

 Top it off with herbs and toss on the grill

When done, pull your squares out & serve with sliced apple and wine.  (next time I will use smoked salmon) It is just bread, but stuffed ? yes, it works.
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Thanks Petals, your sandwich looks very nice too.

Thank you, Donald.

Not exactly dinner, but it's been so hot here I made a chilled beet soup. Topped it off with a dab of rosemary whipped cream.

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Scuba, those look fantastic. I just finished poaching shrimp for tomorrow. We decided to make the most of this heat wave and have an hor d'oeuvre party.
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It's was a hot day yesterday, so minimal cooking on the program.

Storebought pastry (pâte brisée), mixture of ricotta+fresh herbs+egg, halved tomatoes cut side up to keep the moist from dripping in the ricotta filling, thyme, garlic and the tomato vine branches for the aroma, which of course are not eaten.

Simple, fast, summery food. I used very ripe tomatoes which go even more sweet when cooked in the oven.

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KK: I guess you can put anything into the loaf. The cheese melts and sticks to both sides of the bread pretty quickly. The toppings penetrate into the bread and cheese.

There are lots of ideas for stuffed bread,  with all the different types of cheeses ,ingredients, herbs and spices out there.
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Guess I'll need to start taking photos of my creations… I deal with the public all day Marketing Food items and show folks ways to cook certain items in new ways. After I come home I see what my fiancé has taken out for dinner and I do my best to impress.

Last night I came home and found a couple of bratwurst sitting on the stove defrosting. Instead of grilling I wanted to do something different, so I sliced the brats into 1" pieces along with 4 cloves of garlic, 2 fresh tomatoes, 2 jalapeño peppers, about 1/2 cup of red onion, and one Yellow bell pepper…

I started by suatéing the garlic and onion with a bit of fresh cracked sea salt and pepper, then added the brats, the bell pepper, and continued sautéing for a few minutes, then added the tomatoes last with about 3/4 cup water. after a few minutes of simmering, I seasoned the mix with a bit of Chinese Five Spice, Cayenne pepper, garlic salt, fresh chopped tarragon, and a bit of ground bakers chocolate.

When ready to serve I toasted a fresh Hoagie roll, rubbed with a fresh cut garlic clove, and drizzled a bit of Extra Virgin Olive oil over it… then served open face as my take on "Sausage and Pepper" sandwich…

Again, next time I'll have photos.

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