What did you have for dinner?

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Are you kidding me with those oysters?? You know I was thinking the other day, why are oysters never incorporated into a pasta dish the way other shellfish are?
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There's a lot to be said about shellfish. Oysters are just one of those precious, special gems of the sea that don't need too much attention, just a whole lotta ....slurp , gulp, ahhhhh. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/biggrin.gif

We try to get Malpeque in, they are wonderful.

My father used to get cases in when we were  growing up, shellfish was something he introduced to us very young, it never left us.
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Glad you guys liked the oysters haha.. I had to go on youtube and figure out to shuck them. I tried in the past and felt like I just didn't get it but you have to put a little elbow into popping them.

Happy 4th of July to my friends here in the USA, to everyone else, well happy fourth of July to you too! Yesterdays pork butt was transformed into my pulled pork sammich with coleslaw and carolina mustard vinegar sauce.

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Sounds great kgirl.. who needs beer when there's whiskey!? /img/vbsmilies/smilies/drinkbeer.gif
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No, shores, NO alcohol at ALL!!!

That really puts a damper on the COCKTAIL HOUR! 

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Went to a typical American July 4th BBQ, which of course does not have Real barbecue but hot dogs and burgers on the grill.  I made a lentil salad with feta, black olives ( canned, the only kind my wife likes, sigh. ) red bell, green onion, salami and pastrami, dressed with a balsamic vinegar concoction.  Oh, and some fresh basil and oregano from the garden.

Lots of tasty stuff, no pics.  The hosts live a few blocks from the park where the SLC fireworks happen, we had a good view.  A pleasant evening.

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@eastshores; those oysters and your pork look fabulous!

May I ask how you prepare the oysters; is there a sauce involved or do you grill them "au naturel" in their own juice?

Never had oysters like that but we often put unopened mussels on the grill with zero nada nothing on them. The moment they open, they're ready to slurp... heaven.
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dcarch, those are some extraordinary plates. Very colorful, and the crabs look great!
May I ask how you prepare the oysters; is there a sauce involved or do you grill them "au naturel" in their own juice?
Chris they were cooked in their own liquor. I was going for "Oysters Rockefeller" but I guess the authentic version has a sort of (not spinach) puree with bread crumbs. This was simply fresh baby spinach topped with a little parmesan. I didn't think to add any bread crumbs yesterday.
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Fabulous looking plates Dcarch. Your plating is always stunning

We had beach plans which were changed since my wife is recovering from presumed Lyme disease and can't be in the sun while on antibiotics. So we stayed home and I cooked of course

I ended up making burgers grilled on the Weber and as a topping I made a killer tomato chutney with a big container of grape tomatoes. This chutney or jam was such a great topping. It took the burger to new heights. Also made oven home fries
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It is just my tired eyes playing tricks on me or have you been playing with your food again? Is that an animal head happily resting there ? Mr piggy? your cole slaw looks great btw.
PP......very funny
Dcarch......oh geez, it's only breakfast time here and I want the fried oft shelled crabs and beets plate here, RIght Now! can you fed ex it? Pretty please?? no doubt i will be thinking about that plate all day now

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