What did you have for dinner?

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Very simple, basic meal.


Rigatoni with a mushroom cream sauce. Just look at the way the sauce clings to the ridges in the pasta, as the gods of cooking intended.

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Last night i got home really late, after 9. We were starving. I put water on to boil. Heated butter and oil in a frying pan, whizzed a couple of shallots and a couple of garlic cloves in the chopper attachment of the immersion blender. Dumped that in, along with a couple of pinches flaked hot red pepper, and sauteed over low heat. Meanwhile when water was boiling I tossed the spaghetti in the water with handful of salt. added a couple of handfuls of shelled deveined shrimp from the freezer to the frying pan and let them sautee as they defrosted (my usual technique is more careful than this). Threw in a couple of glugs from the bottle of dry white vermouth, let it get syrupy, added frozen peas and shut the gas while they defrosted and the pasta finished cooking. Drained the pasta, dumped the shrimp stuff into the pasta and mixed - we were at the table in 15 minutes.

Inspiring, thanks. j
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Saw this on a TV cooking show..a clone?
Eggs benny on latkes..
Avec hollandaise (packaged, my bad) & homemade smoked Canadian/back bacon.
Actually tastes lighter than English muffins (probably more grease though).

Pseudo eggs benny.jpg
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I need to start posting again...
But most of my dishes have been for the challenges or just be very simple.
Somehow it's a bit challenging to cook full meals at temperatures of 42-43 oC!
(around 110 F)
I have managed to get my beer brewing exercise going again though ;)
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Somehow it's a bit challenging to cook full meals at temperatures of 42-43 oC! (around 110 F)

It half that here in upstate NY today - I'm not sure if it was a record I'll have to stay awake for the news at 10. And speaking of beer we're canning a batch of "Northern Comfort" a chocolate/coffee stout tomorrow. It's like a real desert beer and very tasty float with a scoop of ice cream. :emoji_beers:

Oh and I made Carbonara tonight as my wife is tired of leftovers. I'm taking a few meatloaf sammy's with me tomorrow - beef, pork, veal and venison and boy is it good.
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