What did you have for dinner?

Joined Dec 20, 2010
An old standard, comfort food when you're stuck inside - Tuna Casserole with French's fried onions throughout and on top.

Joined May 5, 2010
We're so bored here, we decided to "go out to dinner." We dressed up in our best clothes and I grilled Top sirloin steaks on a grate in the fireplace. Also Caesar Salad, Roasted Russets, and fresh green beans with bacon, onions, and diced tomato. Dessert was crepes with my home made apple pie filling and Calvados.
Joined Jul 13, 2012
It was 64 and sunny today with no wind. I defrosted a dozen sausages we grilled (three different varieties) and sauteed some peppers and onions and heated some garlic dill sauerkraut. Oh so good to eat outside.
Joined Jul 13, 2012
I made me a pot-o-greens today - collards, turnip and kale. Started with bacon in the pot then onion and carrot, added the greens and a couple pucks of goo - chicken and pork I think
(one was dark). I let those simmer then rest. I made some corn bread while reheating the greens and sauteed some ham steak. Mmmmm Mmmmm Good. I'm following that up with some brilliant peach/apricot/honey moonshine a good friend made. Cheers Y'all . . .
Joined Nov 2, 2016
Made Lasagna al forno, using a Bechamel topped with some aged Parmesan in place of cottage cheese or ricotta. Spent about 2 hours simmering the Ragu. Figured it would be a good meal or two for me and the wife, and we could have some left overs for lunch today. It seems however, I didn't make enough...I had three of my neighbors swing by (the curse of cooking with the windows open). We decided to dine al fresco in the back yard.... But hey, with a bottle of wine in the mix, we all went to bed happy and full.
Joined Jan 8, 2010
I made some burgers (spicy ones) and decided that I needed some fresh bread. Since I have no oven, I used a dry frying pan an made something resembling a Turkish pide.
Came out well and I'll definitely will make it more often as it is fairly quick (and tasty)
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