What did you have for dinner?

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I'm working Wednesday - Sunday this week, did my Thanksgivng dinner tuesday night. 5 pound 2 rib beef roast, smothered with a garlic and horseradish rub. Used the 5/500 method to cook it. I got too anxious on the yorkshire pudding, didn't wait long enough for the oil to get hot hot hot. Wasn't bad, but I've made better. The beef and the gravy, thugh, were spot on!

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Could do this in time for the challenge, but I made a slow stock from the smoked turkey we had last weekend. It started snowing yesterday so it was a perfect day for French onion soup. The crouton is leftover garlic bread and the cheese is a mix of smoked gruyere and manchego - quite a nice blend. perfect with a glass of Port.

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Venison liver, onions, bacon, mushrooms and potato. I trimmed the liver, soaked it in milk with garlic and hot sauce then did an egg wash and into seasoned bread crumbs. Fried in bacon drippings till just pink in the center. Not tough, very tasty and it's good for you. It doesn't get more "free range, or organic that this".

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gray snowy day, perfect day to stay inside and partake of my favorite indoor hobby...cooking...although I also enjoy cooking outside as well... hell I just enjoy cooking period


chicken, butternut squash, and black-eyed pea stew seasoned with ras el hanout

served with bulgur and topped with a slaw made with green cabbage, pomegranate, toasted ras el hanout seasoned pepitas, and cilantro tossed in a vinaigrette of xeres vinegar, maple syrup, and roasted garlic olive oil
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