What did you have for dinner?

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It's just magical the way your camera shows off those potatoes.

I am probably going to have chocolate protein powder for dinner tonight, these days my gut just seems unwilling to handle 2 real meals in the same day. I can't say it's bad, kinda like it's sort of in a fasting mode. Yes, I've lost a few+ pounds, trimmed in the belt and practically down to fighting weight. :)
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As I mentioned in the Indian challenge, my wife was doing a meat and dairy free diet for a week. Well, she's in California for a week, so I dove right into caveman carnivore.


2.71 pounds of tomahawk steak. Going to get rubbed with that garlic and salt paste, some freshly ground black pepper and into the Weber Kettle. Went over the HOT side to sear for about 3 - 4 minutes a side. Then over to the cool side until done.


I was planning to pull it off at 118F, which I did, thinking the carryover would take it to 125 -126. Surprisingly it hit 131F while I was making the bearnaise. So basically it ended up being burnt to a crisp. Well, most of you would call it medium rare. I ate it anyway.


Hey, wait a minute - those cucumber wedges are seasoned with salt, cumin and cayenne, then drizzled with lemon juice. I think I got the idea from Madhur Jaffrey's "Indian Cooking" book. So I could have posted this in the challenge, right?

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Leftover spatchcocked shredded chicken breast well seasoned with chili, cumin, pepper, garlic and a little salt. I made a red cabbage slaw with julienne jalapeno, leftover bacon, a bit of salt, pepper and red wine vinegar. I also sliced up a Macintosh apple and put it in acidulated water and added it to the slaw mix before serving. I heated up some queso con salsa and topped all with guacamole on pan sauteed corn tortillas. It was quite delicious!!!
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This was the other night - cold garlic noodles with sauteed shrimp. Since I can't eat soy anymore I made a substitute using beef broth, oyster sauce, fish sauce and Worcestershire. It works quite well.

Last night it was chopped leftover BBQ pork on an "everything" brioche bun with a quick pickle red cabbage slaw and Macintosh apple slices. Had to have some tater tots with a sanich like that.

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That looks good. What are the things that look like breadcrumbs?

Oh dear - why is that?
I got soy blood poisoning last year. I had to figure that out on my own since no one in the western MD community wanted to listen to the story. It has increased my shopping time 100% and I now make my own mayo and a few other things.

Anyway - those are fried bread crumbs. (I found bread crumbs with no soy) An old friend's Sicilian Grandmother called it "saw dust" so it stuck. We use on top of pasta instead of cheese.
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Last night: leftover ham made more palatable with potatoes dauphinoise. No photo but if you close your eyes I’m sure your imagination will take care of the rest.
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Most everything a markdown tonight, and what a surprise!

For starters found some pieces of prestige turkey breast in the markdown bin 2/3 off; Helmans avacado oil and lime mayo, possibly a discontinued, too bad if so, it is very good; had bought some Iron Chef Sweet Chili, piss poor as sweet chilis go, bit of sweet, bit of heat, and nothing much else, but thought it might properly contribute to a nice aoli; Jar of Mancicni "Fried Peppers" (bit of oil, vinegar and heat added to mild hot peppers) I got free.

A little sweet chili, fine minced fried peppers, lots of mashed garlic garlic and a bit of oyster sauce added to Mayo and, viola! The absolute best aoli I have every had! No kidding. What better to go with good turkey breast cold cuts?
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I cut garlic scapes last week so I made Pesto yesterday with scapes, garlic, evoo, basil, salt, grated cheese, a splash of agave and lemon juice.

We had some last night with some Soba along with tinned razor clams and sea conch. The brine from those tins really lent a nice flavor to the dish.
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Grilled jerk marinated pork shoulder blade steak
Grilled Thai coconut curry corn on the cob
Griilled tiki masala broccoli
Brown rice drizzled with a miso sauce

Made a wet jerk marinade, brushed on pork and into fridge for a few hours.

Blanched corn and while still warm brushed with Thai coconut curry sauce and into fridge for a few hours to chill and let flavor develop.

Blanched broccoli and while still warm brushed with a tiki masala sauce and into fridge for a few hours to chill and let flavor develop.

About an hour before dinner, started brown rice in rice cooker. Fired up grill and cooked pork steaks. Finished corn and broccoli off on the grill. Got fluffed rice out of cooker and topped with miso sauce. Plated. Chowed.

Easy peasey delicious 4th!
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Beef shortrib marinated overnight in some miso paste, mirin, szechuan peppercorn, soy sauce, toasted sesame oil and some other bits. seared all over and slow cooked at about 120C for 7 hours

a cup of wild black rice cooked in saffron, miso paste, salt and finely sliced stem of spring onion and combined with a 1/3 cup of red quinoa, and then green spring onion, chives and lime zest combined and shaked up in the still-warm pot. taken off the heat and left to sit

kale braised in some of the liquid from the shortrib, a speck of butter and some pomegranate vinegar to finish. garnished in julienne preserved lemon skin

i was basically trying to go for some acidity and zestiness to compliment the deep lip-coating fatty sumptuousness of the ribs. i also had some gorgeous braised cavolo nero the other day which made me wanna try a thing. the rice is a pretty nice side i make quite often and id recommend it.
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