What did you have for dinner?

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@MillionsKnives  - great looking spring rolls.

Grass fed Shell steaks are $2.99/lb. this week so I stocked up.  I went through the bin to get steaks that were 1" thick and from the outer band with the nice fat cap and little mixed muscle.  

Cooked souse vid in a bag with smashed garlic, black pepper, evoo and thyme @ 129F for an hour.  Then into a screaming hot skillet till I got a chocolate colored glaze on one side then flipped for just a sear on the other.  Bag, resting juices, butter and a little port made for a nice topping sauce while resting.  Russet potato nuked, halved, scored, salt and pepper and into a small skillet with butter and dripping and weight it down with a pot till it's crisp then flip to finish.  Salad was Romaine and a double Gloucester with chive, evoo and lime juice.  I've been craving a steak dinner lately and this did no disappoint !!!  Perfect medium rare through and through with an excellent crust.  Add a crispy potato and what's not to like????

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Mike9 you are making me drool with the coq au vin! Mashed potatoes sound brilliant, I haven't been in the kitchen much due to we are in the middle of moving. cannot wait to get back in there! I have a question, what technique do you use to matchstick carrots? My way almost ended up in the emergency room!!
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Dinner tonight is just me, so it's a tuna melt, doritos and vitamin water.  Cooking for myself, so I'm happy with pretty much anything in the fridge.  Yesterday?  Cooking for friends, that's different.

Nice mixed greens salad with a lemon caper vinaigrette, Mediterranean stew (definitely with a Spanish slant) and the 'K', named after my oldest son's nickname (yes, just 'K').  His favorite sandwich consisting of turkey, ham, muenster, cole slaw, tomato and Dijon mayo on a toasted brioche roll.  Spell check is annoying.  Not worried about caps..  :)
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Today's compound dinner country was Peru.  Pretty interesting so I opted for Peruvian chicken with green sauce and blue and pink potatoes.  Oh and Pisco Sours as a beverage.

No rotisserie so I spatchcocked the chicken and applied the seasoning rub and let it rest for several hours.  (I made the rub and green sauce the day before).  I quartered the potatoes the long way and kept a little of the spice mix and added additional olive oil, salt, pepper and tossed the potatoes in that.  I transferred everything to my biggest sheet pan so I could cook the chicken and potatoes at the same time.

After the chicken rested I boned everything, but the legs, thighs and wings and served over the potatoes with green sauce on the side.

Ready to pack up and go next door - Pisco, lime juice/simple syrup mix and egg whites.  That went into a blender with lots of ice - 3 parts Pisco to one part each lime juice, simple syrup and egg whites.  Sure gets frothy, but really delicious.  I'll be making more of these for sure.

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Thanks - it was awesome.  Next Sunday is Italy, but I encouraged everyone to NOT make the usual like lasagna, pizza, etc.  Personally I want to make squid ink gnocchi with a slow cooked squid stew as a sauce.

Anyway I was lazy tonight and made grilled ham and cheese on organic unsalted sprouted wheat bread.  I used American, a parmesan/cheddar mix with some stilton and smoked gruyere.  Served with cornichons and chips.  A glass of cabernet sauvignon to wash it down didn't hurt either.  So ooy and gooy, but - it never occurred to me to take a picture.  
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I don't have a photo. :(

I made coleslaw and chicken. But in the slaw I added a can of kidney beans, rinsed, I wanted protein and I like 'em. And in the sauce, I did 1 C of mayo, 2.5 T fresh meyer lemon juice, 1 T sugar, and 2 T fish collagen [for the protein] It was really really really good and I'm going to make it and eat it the rest of my days. I also heated up pre cooked chicken and had that as the hot part of the meal. Reishi coffee after. 
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It's a soup kind of day today and I had veg and leftover steak so I made Faux Pho.  Not so so faux the broth went 44hrs.  Shaved carrot, celery, sliced bok choy, red pepper, rice stick and nori.  I let the veg steep in the broth seasoned with fish sauce, sambal and hondashi a while then ladled over the noodles and nori.  Oh my it was fortifying.  

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thinking tonight we'll do soup as well.
love a cozy soup: full of potatoes, chicken tenders, Italian spiced sausage, corn, string beans, green and yellow zucchini slices, seasonings, rich deep flavored home made vegetable stock. home made garlic bread plus simple 3 ingredient salad with home made ranch.
enjoy your hump day [emoji]129299[/emoji]
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Stuck in a hotel (business trip), nibbling on fried chicken strips and chips... which when I ordered I assumed meant fries... but no, they're chips, just warm. Meh. Can't wait to get back home. 

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