What did you have for dinner?

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Yup :) There are 8 of 'em. Never heard of ras el hanout, but saw it on Top Chef. I love the stuf!


PS I think the rib is my favorite part...
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First of all it looks wonderful!........Try spraying on the butter......I always used a brush and don't remember it being a problem. I guess this is not a dish for people cutting down on butter........Like I said nice job!
Thanks @ChefBillyB  this is definitely not a dish for those wanting to cut back on butter.  However, I think that if I can find a better way to brush on the butter (I use a mixture of melted butter and extra virgin olive oil) there will not be a problem of too much butter.  I used to have one of those olive oil sprayers but got rid of it, it clumped a lot and I imagine it would even more so if I added butter to it.  Perhaps finding a better brush would be more helpful. 
Hoppin' John

Bacon, onion, garlic, stock, black-eyed peas, ham, andouille sausage, diced tomato, rice, thyme, okra, oregano, paprika, cheyenne pepper.
Is there rice or barley in this too?  It looks amazeballs and I want to make it!  It's like a stew?
Koukouvagla, there is rice in there, but no lentils, and the liquid was thin so more like a soup.  But hey, do it how you like it.  Also, I think most recipes include red peppers and not okra.  I started with a recipe by Pete in the Articles section.
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A Very Elaborate Pizza  ! ! !

Olive Oil/ Garlic/ Rosemary/ Chili Pepper Flakes/ Caramelized Onions

Roasted Pine Nuts/ Finely Sliced Potato/ Mozzarella/ Gruyere/ Sardines

Baby Kale/ Arugula/ Lemon Zest/ Balsamic Vinegar/ Olive Oil

The rosemary /garlic olive oil was the first pizza layer.

Then potatoes etc. Fresh olive oil for the greens. . . .Whew!! 

Lots of work but it was worth it. 
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Oh the fuzzy phone photos... Salad of radicchio and spinach, figs, leg ham, walnuts, balsamic and evoo dressing, herbs. Side of rosemary crackers and creamy blue cheese. Was supposed to be lunch but ended up being dinner.

Also, @jake t buds, fresh sardines or canned? Totally making that for dinner tomorrow!
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Canned, in olive oil. They were a bit of a disappointment fresh out of the can, so. . . tossed them with a few squirts of lemon juice before putting them on the pizza. Used the bowl to toss the greens. 

Had lot's of depth/ layering of flavor. Hope it's as good as you think it is!!! /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif  Your "potato dumplings" look very nice, Mike. I'll trade ya. 

Great looking food everyone!!!
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I had some USDA prime chuck I was going to braise but damn I had a burger craving.  Ground it up, made a quick side salad dressing with balsamic, mustard, honey, evoo.  STarted the burger party off with some duck fat in the skillet

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Saw dust is a term an old girlfriend's Sicilian grandmother used.  I was quite fond of her when we visited so the name stuck.  It's basically bread crumbs fried in a little olive oil till just brown.  It's what Sicilians use for topping in the old country.
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For compound dinner today I started last week by taking a 3-1/4lb. eye of round out of the freezer.

Then made a marinade with beef stock, garlic, smoked salt, liquid smoke, pepper, worcestershire, fish sauce and oyster sauce.  Enough to cover in the bag.  That was Friday.  Yesterday I took it out and forked it all over then back in for another 24 hrs.  Today I took it out to dry on a rack in the ice box then seasoned all over, let come to room temp then into a 500 degree oven for 6 min/lb. (20 mimutes) then turned the oven off and let rest for 1-1/4hrs.  While that was happening I strained the marinade, added water to taste and then simmered some carrot, celery and parsley in it. 

What a crisp fat cap - smelling pretty good!  By that time it was rested so I sliced it thin and

Tender, moist, flavorful and with some fresh made Coleman's Mustard (4 parts coleman's to 3 parts apple juice and one part apple cider vinegar) this made the best sandwiches on sliced baguette and ciabatta.  Now that's a nice Italian roast beef sandwich . . . just sayin'.  
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I've had a terrific fish soup. The secret of the best soup is the finest spices. My cousin have brought me some from Caucasus. These spices make any dish wonderful!

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