What did you have for breakfast?

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Don't forget to take ibuprofen/Motrin with a little food.  /img/vbsmilies/smilies/biggrin.gif
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Sunday morning...

Bong rip, coffee and the NY Times. Another bong rip and then fire up the smoker. 12 lb brisket for dinner with any luck... Now where did I put that smoker?
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Fried plaintain, super ripe and fried slowly on low heat to elicit its sugar until it's caramelized with sweet, sticky goodness. Coffee with cream and lots of turbinado sugar. I may like sweets a little bit, but it's the morning, right?
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Was determined to break a week of waking up every 2 hours so yesterday I put my favorite sheets on the bed (spritzed heavily with my hoodoo water) turned on a fan slathered myself in lavender oil  then ate 2 Ambien.

Hit the hay at 6 pm with the kindle.

Woke up in same position with the kindle on my face and the ear buds still in and my glasses pinching my nose (yeah there was drool involved lol).

Hallelujah .... I feel rested and energetic.

Starving and impatient so it was the hole is the wall all nite diner down the street.

Corned beef hash and pecan waffles and a gallon of (real) whole milk.

I needed carbs.


The diner feels like home.

Same place we would go after the band packed up and the taxi's took the very last drunken cowboy away.

I love my neighborhood.

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Yellow potatoes were twofer so I started with nuking 2 for home fries.  After cutting them up I put them in a pan with bacon drippins' then added onion and peppers.  When they almost done I added scrambled eggs and just covered till set.  It was quite good and very filling since compound dinner wasn't till 6pm today.  

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Home made chorizo and eggs (store bought). Had a few leftover steamed Yukon Gold potatos so threw that in too. Packaged the mess in a warm corn tortilla with some spicy red salsa.
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I usually eat my main meal in the morning. This morning it was my "Tex-Mex" salad--romaine lettuce, avocado, salsa, Tex-Mex black beans, fresh tomato, red onion, some cheese (Mexican blend), sour cream, topped by two fried eggs. My breakfast always includes either chickpeas or black beans, eggs, and something green. The amount of protein and fiber fills me up until about 3:30-4{00 p.m. My "lunch" is generally fresh fruit, cottage cheese/yogurt, maybe a grilled piece of fish or chicken.
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Over a video about food... lol  I love watching the chefs prepare food... it's part of the excitement for me.  Have you seen this site called cookscanner?  It's supposed to be where chefs enter their recipes or services as an in-home trainer maybe or like offer themselves to the public? Are there many sites that offer services like that?  I don't think I could afford one of those guys, but it sure would be nice to hire a chef.  Sigh... that's the life. 
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