What did You Have for Breakfast

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Ramsay style scrambled eggs from our hens and a slice of braunschweiger browned in a pan.
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The last banana was looking kinda iffy but went down ok.

Handful of nuts and the end of a carton of yogurt.

Coffee...big mug full with extra cream and sugar.

The crusts from a piece of toast ....

I feel like the garbage disposal.

Maybe someone will shop today lol.

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Bacon, sausage, russet potato sliced and fried in bacon/sausage fat, fresh chicken eggs sunny side up fried in same, a slice of pumpernickel toast with grass fed butter and a glass of 50/50 apple juice and granny smith apple seltzer.  I remembered to shoot this before it was gone.  This breakfast had to last all day as I'm working on my tractor and making baked, stuffed eggplant later for compound dinner tonight.

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Fresh thyme yes and also dried oregano which I dried myself and is still super fresh and green. I don't usually have this for breakfast either, originally I boiled that potato so that I could make it into home fries that would accompany a fried egg but in the emfbi didn't feel like frying anything at all.
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Mmmmm, I had a bowl of cheese grits made with shrimp stock on top of two soft boiled eggs so the yolks run into the grits :DDD Then I topped it with some charred onions and a touch of hot sauce. It was delicious!

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Tomorrow morning I plan on having a nice hot cup of French roast coffee, making some French toast and considering a French onion soup for the challenge.

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I had a slice of bakery toasted sunflower, honey toast with chunky peanut butter and lemon curd.  Sho was good.

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