What did I do wrong in this recipe?

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On Sunday, I made a recipe from this thread Cuisines Of India - A Review With Recipes

I made the fried Rice with shrimps
But it turned out a bit mushy

What did I do wrong?
Maybe I didn't cook enough the egg before adding the rice and I had more moisture than the dish needed??

Pity because it was a great recipe with many ingredients.
It was very nice of course but not perfect


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There's one too many http's in the link. Here's the correct one:


One thing the recipe doesn't mention is that you should use old leftover rice for this dish. Fresh cooked rice, even though it's been cooled, has a tendency to mush up due to the excess moisture.



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I'm sorry the recipe didn't work well Athenaeus. I tried a number of recipes from this book and so far they all turned out good. I'll try this recipe and we can compare notes.
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I am sure that it was my fault Isa and the recipe was fine.

Khuan traced the first mistake ( thanks) and I am sure I did something wrong with the eggs.

I have already ordered the book because I liked very much the presentation and the recipes.

Something funny.

I always use olive oil. ALWAYS. But the recipe required vegetable oil and I bought sunflower oil.
You know, I kept looking and looking , waiting and waiting for those onions to take a descent color. I had to wait for a life time ...LOL
Olive oil cooks faster
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If you add the rice to the egg mixture before the egg mixture is set it will mix well into the dish and the whole dish will be coated with an egg mixture that will keep the whole thing creamy (or mushy as you like) If you allow the eggs to cook all the way before adding the rice you will avoid this. I don't know though if that's the way the dish was intended to be ie: on the creamy/mushy side.
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My experience with fried rice is that simply allowing the rice to cool is not enough. Fried rice (at least in China) is traditionally made for breakfast with last night's rice. The rice really needs to sit long enough for the starchy outer surface to dry out a bit. Then it will get brown and crisp, instead of cooking to a mush.


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