What dessert item is hot for the holidays?

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I am on the east coast and wondering what dessert is hot in the mid west, south west,
all over the world? For the winter holidays what are you serving for dessert?

I would serve a warm winter fruit strudel with cinnamon apple ice cream and egg nog anglaise for christmas.

Due to injury and pregnancy I cannot be in the kitchen this holiday season so I must live through the good works of fellow chefs and pastry chefs.

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Thanks Carol!
nogg anglaise add extra yolks and nutmeg, maybe some rum or brandy.

Tried chocolate covered marshmellows with caramel today. life is good,
schwartz chocolate makes 'em, I think they have an 800 number and deliver world wide.

what about:
dark chocolate mousse disk with a topping of meringue toasted to order and cherries in brandy.

PS five spice goes really well with dark chocolate too in moderation.

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