WHAT?! Christopher Kimball Is Leaving ATK?

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Well this news explains a lot. The amount of attention that little blonde troll has been getting makes me believe she may be the heir apparent. But I really hope MillionKnives will apply for the job!
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Bridget. I find her and Julia to be more annoying than Chris himself.
Lol, I love Bridget.  She knows her stuff and she is the executive food editor as well as the head culinary instructor.  I like KC too but let's face it, he's a bit of a diva.  I subscribe to the podcast as well and I find that he think he knows everything.  


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I prefer the staff to Kimball. But they can all be overly pompous about what they're doing. 
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They're all annoying to me too.  Content wise, I find them mostly okay except when they
1) oversimplify concepts to the point of being wrong

2) Try to talk about knives

3) Try to cook asian food

But hey that's true of all food television
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... And all the times they over complicate simple things. I get it; some folks benefit from the minutiae of detail, but...
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I use to be one of Cook's Illustrated/Cook's Country Home Test Cooks, 

and one of the questions asked of me was, 

would I make this particular dish and ya know, 

nine times out of ten I would say NO.

Many recipes that they are developing are WAY too

involved a Home Cook.

As for the on-air personalities, I like Becky Hayes.

A touch "Polly Anna" but she's cute.
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They conned me into buying the basic subscription and I then find out in order to use most of the site I have to upgrade .
I should have known what was up when they charged my card for the entire year AND they auto renew every year using my card info which is now in their system.
Kinda irritated me so I logged in in order to cancel only to find out that their email contact addy is not for that purpose.
Gotta call.

I still have 6 months before my year is up and will eventually get around to calling.
Left a bad taste in my mouth ....


Is Sarah Moulton still on board?
Always liked her.

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... AND they auto renew every year using my card info which is now in their system.

YEP!  Same here, on top of that, they INSISTED that we hadn't paid for our subscription! Yeah, no more mags from them thanks.  

I DVR the programs and have a pen and pad ready to write down the recipe, there ya go!

(@flipflopgirl  see how I did that?  I snipped away some of your quote... /img/vbsmilies/smilies/wink.gif)
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I like Adam Ried. Sometimes he looks as though he has just gotten up from a nap on a cot in the back of the studio. Poor guy has a great look for radio. I don't watch anything else in the show. I know I'm weird. I just watch this guy and his gadgets. Sometimes the cameras are so bad they make it look like he got a wondering eye, kind of a hunchback look when he has to suck up to that Kimball guy. Ried is too talented a writer to be doing that. I especially like when they really dumb down the products with 4 garbage items and 1 good one so turtle head can guess which is the best one.
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Remember way back when the FN had a few "cooking live" shows?

Moulton even went as far as to have a guest follow along (in real time and also on air) from home.

There was also a show with a David (somebody) .

His style was sort of like Alton Brown in that he did a lot of teaching.

Anyway one day Moulton was taking call in questions and there was this one guy who slipped the vetting and really quickly asked if David (somebody) was a "queer" (think that was the label he used).

You could tell her heart stopped for an instant....but she was so classy cutting him off and going immediately to the next caller that she gained me as a fan for life.

The live call in shows stopped shortly after that and David (somebody ) faded away.

What ever happened to David?



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