What Carving/ Slicer knife doe's everyone here use?

Joined May 30, 2011
Just looking to get some opinions on Carving/Slicer knives, my current victorinox 10" has seen better days, I am a fan of Global's and was looking at  the G-8 Global Roast Meat Slicer but also considering the Gustav 10" slicer to. Checked out the Victorinox Rosewood Carver to.

So what is you guys opinions on slicer/carving knives?

I would spend up to £65 ($107) max. Looking for a quality knife that will last years, the old victorinox one has lasted around 6 years which was not too bad.
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You can get a 14" Victorinox Fibrox or a 12" Victorinox Rosewood for $53. That's the way I would go. It's also only half of what you are looking to spend. 
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