What can I do with a box of Pirurutong- purple glutinous rice?

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I ordered white glutinous rice for one of my classes and the pirurutong was ordered instead. It was special ordered and will not be sent back. I would like to use it in my class. The recipes I have heard of is the sweet dish that is made by grinding it with white glutinous rice and then steamed in special tubes. Are there other recipes sweet or savory for this ingredient? Your help is very appreciated. :confused: :)
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If I remember correctly, I read something about that in either Seductions of Rice or in Hot, Sour, Salty, Sweet. Both books were written by Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid.

I would start there.

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Logose a Thai restaurant down the street from where I live makes purple rice pudding...I'd bet they make it with sweetened condensed milk....it's pretty good....their coconut ice cream though is memorable!!!
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Just an fyi: I purchased that purple rice from a Philipino market. Not knowing any recipes, I prepared it using my standard method of steaming rice. I also mixed it with steamed white rice. It tasted okay. ;)
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Recipes for you: (it is also sometimes known as "black rice")

Dodol (Lanao del Norte)

* Dodol is the most popular rice-based delicacy in Lanao, particularly in Baloi and Marawi City, the places which have been touted as the "Dodol Country". It is often served in Maranao special occasions such as weddings, fiestas, birthdays, candory, and other festivities. It is prepared from high quality rice varieties such as Polotan and Daragadong.

2 kg purple glutinous rice
2 kg brown sugar
10 pc coconut

1.Grind glutinous rice together with sugar.
2.Extract coconut milk.
3.Mix all ingredients and cook in moderate fire with constant stirring until done.
4.Let it cool and transfer to bamboo mold.
5.Remove from mold, wrap with dried banana or palm sheath and tie both ends of the roll.
Courtesy of: Dr. Amer Comadug MSU, Marawi City

Puto Bumbong (Bulacan)

3 tbsp pirurutong (purple glutinous rice),
1 c ordinary glutinous rice
2 c water
For topping: grated coconut, sugar, margarine

1.Soak ingredients in about two cups of water a few hours, then grind together.
2.Wrap around mixture in cheesecloth, place in colander and put weight over it to hasten drying.
3.When mixture is dry, pass through a sieve.
4.Fill bamboo puto tubes 3/4 full with dry mixture (fill lightly - do not pack) and steam into puto bumbong steamer.
5.Remove from the tube by shaking off.
6.Serve hot with grated coconut, sugar and margarine.
Courtesy of: Manggahan Eatery, Plaridel Bulacan

Lotus Root Sandwiches with Purple Rice

500g fresh lotus root
500g purple glutinous rice
500g minced chicken
one lotus leaf

1.Steam the purple rice till done.
2.Peal and boil till cooked the lotus root, cut into rounds.
3.Mix together to make a paste the purple rice, minced chicken, salt, MSG, one egg white and 30g dissolved corn starch.
4.Make sandwiches out of the lotus root rounds with the paste for filling.
5.Make batter out of 2 egg whites and 30g cornstarch.
6.Coat the lotus sandwiches with the egg batter, and deep-fry till golden brown.
7.Scald the lotus leaf, and spread on a plate, place the lotus sandwiches on top, and recreate the lotus root.
8.Serve with plates of spiced salt.
From: http://www.chinavista.com/culture/cu.../yunnan.html#1[/B]

Black Rice Paella

Black rice pudding

More recipes for you to browse.

Still more for you to browse.


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Thank you cchiu for the recipes. I am going in next Thursday during open lab and trying out 2 or 3 of them before I spring it on my class. The black rice Paella sounds great so does the pudding.
I have been told that a local high end restuarant makes a fusion version of the Italian deepfried cheese and rice balls with the purple rice.I am sure the lotus root sandwiches were the inspiration.
Kimmie, I will certainly look into those two books. I have glanced at the Hot, Sour , Salty, Sweet, but never have seen the Seduction of Rice.
Thanks to all of you for your input
:cool: :)
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cchiu, I tried the recipe for black rice pudding last night with my class and that was a keeper. When I drizzled the cream of coconut on it and added some mandarin oranges to it another texture and a sweet tart taste was created.
Purple glutinous rice yeilds purple water while cooking, thus its name. It has the taste of glutinous rice and the nutty and "beany" taste of azuki beans.It cooks up like wild rice not sticky like white glutinous rice. I going to cook it with some white glutinous rice and try deep frying it next. :D
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shahar S Lubin,

There are plenty of places where you can obtain this rice, look here or try your local Asian Grocery store.


I am glad it worked out for you and thanks for the follow up. I may have to try some myself!
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