What can be used as a substitute for a tandoori oven?

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I would like to make traditional tandoori chicken and naan bread, but I'm finding myself a bit short of a tandoori oven. Any suggestions?


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Most people use a grill for the chicken and a hot pan or cast iron griddle for the naan. The home oven doesn't do either of those foods justice.
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A Big Green Egg or any other ceramic cooker.
How would you make naan or other tandoori breads in a BGE?  Directly on the grill, using indirect heat?

If directly on the grill, or a stone, other than the taste of a little smoke, how is using a BGE different from a grill or stone in any hot oven? 

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Most grills won't appraoach the temps of a BGE or other ceramic cookers which can hit 1,000 degrees with ease. The BGE like a tandoori is made from ceramic so you have some moisture retention as well. I use a combination of the plate setter and a pizza stone so it's more indirect but not all that different from a Tandoori as I can invert the plate setter and get the stone very close to the fire. I'd say a little smoke and high temps are key to replicating a Tondoori. I've never tried it but I would suspect with a little ingenuity and some lump charcoal you could rig up a WSM to work very well.
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I'd forgot how hot they get.  If you already have one, it would be a waste not to tandoori with it, wouldn't it?  And another argument for making the choice of a BGE, Primo, or similar if you're buying an outdoor grill.

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Why don't you just get yourself a home tandoori oven??  BGE's are no substitute for the real thing!
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