What blender should I get?

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Hi everyone!

A few years ago I purchased a blender/food processor combo at Sam's Club. Its actually the same one I've seen in one of the PPK episodes.

After much sputtering and protesting, it finally died yesterday.

I've been checking some online reviews like http://best10picks.com/the-best-10-blenders-for-your-kitchen/

So, now I am wondering if it's Cuisinart PowerEdge really worth its money or shall I look for something else.

What do you say it's currently best buy when it comes to blenders?

Please advise me.. me and my family can't imagine kitchen without blender :)

Ps: I am not willing to spend over $250

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I personally love the KitchenAid Artisan KSB52BNK ($200). KitchenAid give a 3 year warranty which is decent enough for home use. 
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I personally would be cautious of most of those online ratings services. Most choose based on the commission they get from the links on the page. Either way, if I were you I would get something with a square jar to really mix up the ingredients and something with a speed control. I would also stay away from the jars that come apart, but you have to clean it right away after the use if you follow this advise or it is hell.
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The Waring bb 180 is a commercial blender that has enough torque and power to do a good job of just about anything. A bb180 with a plastic jar sells for less than $65. For another $10, you can move up from regular switches to (pointless) membrane switches (bb185). They have have three speeds ("Slow," "Fast," and the ever-popular "Off"), and (OMG!) a pulse button. They are very much commercial blenders and butt ugly in the way commercial products were before appliance companies figured out that "commercial" was a selling point.

Waring also makes a version of the same blender with a stainless base, the 190 series, which might suit your decor better. They run $150ish, and don't do anything better or different other than gleam attractively.

As far as I know, there's nothing less expensive than the 180 series with the torque to make an adequate "frozen" daiquiri or margarita. That is, it's got enough oomph to make snow instead of lumpy slush. Consequently, it's a sort of base line minimum; and, as it happens, is the blender we own, use and love. As you'd expect from anything so ugly, it's also quite durable.

If you need more blender, you're doing things like grinding grain and making 6 smoothies at a time. Then you need a big-deal commercial like a Vita Mix (not the only brand, by the way) and will end up spending more than your stated budget.

In terms of performance, there's really not much in between.

There are a couple of reviews of the bb180 here at Chef Talk.

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