What are your favorite wines?

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Ok. I'll admit it I'm a cherry berry girl.
Haut Brion is OK but ohhhh Margaux
Normally I will go for a Syrah, or Merlot.
So if you go out and want a glass of wine what do you go for?
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Shroomgirl, I try to read "Wine Enthusiist" when I can, and I jot down 3-4 wines (from their reviews) I'd like to try in my day-planner. Then, when I go out (or to a well stocked store) I look for a good food paring from the list. So far, so good. Fume' blancs with mild seafood; a nice Merlot with rare beef, a rich L'Ecole No. 41 Semillon for aps.


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For reds I am definately a fan of Syrah and Pinot Noir. It has to be Syrah though, not shiraz. I love Northern Rhone wines. They pack quite a punch and lots of spiciness to them. For whites, anything but Chardonnay. I really am not a fan of American chards. I think that we tend to way over-oak them. I like my whites with a good (almost biting acidity) not the buttery, oaky flavors of most of the chards produced nowadays. I really like many german wines (for whites). They may be on the sweet side but many of them have a great acid backbone. And besides, they are very easy to pair with food.
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I love zinfindels and pinot noirs. Berryish and spicy for the zin. Don't really like whites, except once I had a superb Savignion Blanc from Spottswoode. Excellent winery.
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I enjoy Port, German Riesling, Muscadt, And Sherry at least for the time being.
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Riesling or Gewertreminer, sweet and 'zippy' (not sure that's a word from Wine Spectator, but... oh well).
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1970 Fosceca with Stilton,dryed fruit and almonds

1985 Domaine Romannie conte with anything.
1961 latour with my wife ( her birth year)
1979 Clos de mensiul with beluga.
1985 Beringer reserve cabernet with roasted lamb,and maytag blue cheese flan.
1988 sassacia with Braised veal shank and rissoto with Porcini
Beaujolais and pizza :0


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I never cared for red wine but love white wine. My favourite is Muscadet de Sèvre et Maine. What I really love though is champagne. Unfortunatly I don't have it often.

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Never had anything I liked better than a glass of a good St. Emilion with a simple French meal. Can you say, "Divine"?
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You chef's must make more than you're saying, judging by the wines you like to drink.

I think of a winemaker like I think of a chef, just fewer ingredients. Two of my favorite California winemakers are Bob Lindquist and Jim Clendennon. At whatever pricepoint, these guys make consistently good wine - Qupe, Il Podere dell'Olivos, Ici/La-bas, Chateau Routas, Cold Heaven, Au Bon Climat, etc. Kathy Joseph, from Fiddlehead Cellars makes excellent Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc. Cathy Corrison's 1994 Cabernet Sauvignon is a beautiful work of art!
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I cannot afford to bye some of the wines that I enjoy
But as shroomgirl said I am lucky to have made good friends that share similar taste, we will all chip in on a case so we can all enjoy the wines and share our notes, Also when I was a D.I.N.K (double income no kids) I was able to afford alittle more than I can know. I'm sure anyone who has children can relate

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