What are your favorite simple sandwich recipes?

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Favorite sandwich? -- Turkey Melt:

Lots of sliced turkey, lots of diced green chiles, some monterey jack cheese, between 2 slices of jalapeno bread, grilled.
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I was looking to tie up a few of the loose ends in my fridge the other day and made this, I like to call it California Egg Salad. Basically hard boiled eggs mixed with ripe avocadoes instead of mayonnaise & a dash of pepper. Smear on jalapeno cheddar foccacia bread and top with a tomato slice & spinach (or not, depending on your liking).


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I like the turkey sandwich and my way to make it I toast some bread in a pan than put butter in poth side than mayonis and slice chess and a lettuce and mustard than a 2 slices if turkey finally I turn bake to tah pan :)
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If you're talking about white packaged bread, i can;t agree more, though a good heavy white bread with chewy crumb and crackly crust, what's wrong with that?
Still, while I like whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, please, it tastes like sawdust.
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Oyster po-boy
Shrimp po-boy
A good cheesesteak
Turkey, tomato, avacado, swiss melt on a croissant with sprouts
New Orleans hamburger po-boy
Italian pork with hot peppers and aged provolone
Carolina BBQ Pork
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Well, trhe cheap white bread had its place, especially in a good old grilled Kraft-slices with tomato soup from the ubiquitous red can. Is it gourmet? No. Is it, in fact, palatable? Yes, esp. when made by Mom on a frigid snowy winter day.

I think the memory makes the taste, rather than the other way around...
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My all time favorite sandwich is liverwurst, thinly sliced red onion, really good whole wheat or grain bread and Plocmans mustard...yum.


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I don't really have a "favorite" sandwich, but a 1/16-inch thick sliced sopresatta piled about 1/2-inch high on a neutral bread (a good, sturdy white or light rye), with domestic provolone, emmenthaller, or appenzellar and a complimentary mustard will usually do the trick, especially with some thinly sliced pickle rounds that I get at a local Italian deli. No other pickles will do it for me on this, and some other, sandwiches.

Every now and then (once or twice a year) I'll flip for a Reuben, but only if I can get the right corned beef and the right rye bread. The right kraut is important, too, but there are a few brands that will work just fine.

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Chicken parmigianna with a schmeeere of tomato paste, Italian herbs and melted mozzarella on a hard roll.

Mush hot dogs with equal portions of mayo, ketchup, mustard, minced dill pickle and onion. Favorite bread is Kaiser roll but you can use bread of choice.

Whole grained rolls (MUST have sunflower seeds) with cream cheese, red onion, tomato, cucumber, sprouts, ranch, shredded pepper jack cheese.

12 grain bread, avocado, lettuce, tomato, mayo, cheddar, carrot, onion.

Tuna melts.

CHICKEN SALAD ON TOAST! <mmm getting hungry> My sister and I would have them with lime freezes...sort of like a lime sorbet shake? There is nothing like it!

I'm going to go raid the fridge...

dammit Beavis!



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Oh, another one that I love but haven't eaten in a while is a breakfast sandwich: A well-toasted English muffin with a slice of sharp cheddar on it, which just starts to melt from the heat of the muffin. The trick to this little puppy is to have the cheese at the ready, quickly slap it between the hot-from-the-toaster muffin slices, and set the sandwich down on a cooling rack rather than a plate. Putting it directly on a plate results in "toast sweat," which diminishes and ruins the crunch of the muffin. I guess it's something of a breakfast grilled cheese.

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Toasted home made bread with butter and home made peach-cherry jam

Fresh from the garden tomatos with mayo and fresh ground black pepper on soft, white, grocery store bread

Fried liver sausage with a bit of raw onion on rye bread

Left over turkey with cranberry-orange relish, and a bit of fresh ground salt on a nice roll

Thinly sliced cold roast beef with mayo, horseradish and tomato

Bacon, tomato and cuke with mayo on good bread

Egg salad (egg, mayo, a bit of dry mustard and a bit of pickle relish) and lettuce on toasted English muffin

Tuna melt (tuna salad w/ a slice of Swiss) on rye

Cold fried liver with ketchup and horseradish

Fish sandwich with cole slaw (slaw on the sandwich, not along side...) and last, but certainly not least,

Clam fritter sandwich.

This is making me hungry ... :lol:
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Sauerkraut French Dip Paninis sandwiches are my favorite. Simmer very rare roast beef in beef stock with a splash of sherry and lots of minced garlic and a bay leaf or two, until tender and medium-rareness. (I like medium the best). Place on a roll with swiss, sauerkraut (forgive my spelling), sliced pickles, and a little bit of caramelized onions and spicy brown mustard, and then serve with the sherry beef stock for dipping. But first, pop under a panini press, but if you don't have that, just place it in a griddle on medium heat and press down with a heavy pan until crispy and slightly squished (In a good way) It's delicious, and pretty simple as well. Shel, a mush is consisted of the hot dog roll, mustard and sauerkraut.
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My most recent Simple Sandwich (it's actually a wrap):

plain tortilla
A few slices of meat (I used turkey pastrami)
A very thin layer of BBQ sauce
A very thin layer of light mayo
A few slices of cheese (used white american)
A few slices of tomato.

Toss it on a frying pan until warm/ cheese is melted, then roll it up and enjoy!
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Get a hoggie toast it spread hummus dip on it then layer in this order spinich, tomato S&P roasted portabello mushrooms and fire roasted red bell peppers and alfa alfa sprouts .

enjoy and enjoy that it just gave you energy instead of wanting to take a nap.
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My favorite is pastrami( aprox 200 to 300 gr of lean pastrami )

Two slices of whole grain toasted bread
A dash of mayo( Hellmans )
A nice & even spread of Schneiders Oktoberfest mustard
Then add the pastrami

Serve with a kosher pickle

Simply delicious :lips:
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Ech.. there's something about wraps that really turns my appetite off. I just hate them. Maybe it's the fact that the tortilla is cold and not toasty?

Never take your sandwiches for granted!! I lived in China for a little while, and I couldn't find a piece of decent bread to save my life. All of it is spongy and weird, with a hint of sugar always. Even their "French" bread was like this. Never crusty.. But hey, what do I expect? It's China!
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Mezzaluna;114043 said:
I second the lox, cream cheese (with chives) and bagel, tomato, onion, grind of pepper.

capers make a world of difference for me.... i recently add dried oregano 2 because i believe it compliments the cream cheese and tomatoes nicely
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