What are your favorite podcasts?


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I spend a lot of time commuting to work-about 45 minutes each way and 1 1/2 hours if I have to travel between my 2 units.  Needless to say I need something to occupy my mind.  For years it was just music, then it was books on tape (on CD) and for the past few years it has been podcasts.  So, I was wondering what everyone's favorite podcasts are, both food related and non food.

I have to admit that I stopped listening to food podcasts awhile ago, although I just recently found Fuhmentaboudit, a fermentation podcast that really pretty much focuses on beer, but they have a few episodes devoted to pickles, shrub making and other fermenting things.  Not bad. but it's probably one I will only check out once in awhile, and not subscribe to.  I've also heard really good things about The Sporkful.  I haven't listened to it yet but have a few downloaded and can't wait to check them out.

My current favorites, that all have a regular spot on my Ipod are:

Good Job, Brain - a trivia podcast and by far my current favorite

This American Life - because it usually airs on Sunday afternoon and I love the show but have better things to do on a Sunday afternoon other than sitting around the radio

The Skeptics Guide to the Universe - a great show that really helps teach logical reasoning.  May not be your cup of tea, if you believe in Creationism, non-science based medicine (alternative medicine), the paranormal, or disbelieve in global warming, are convinced that GMO's will usher in environmental disaster, or are pretty religious.

Escape Pod - a Sci-fi podcast with lots of great sci-fi stories.

The Drabblecast - another fiction podcast that blurs the line between sci-fi, horror, and fantasy.  Can be rather bizzare and/or twisted and definitely more than a bit offbeat.

The Moth Podcast - from the Moth Radio Hour where real people tell real stories - can be funny, sad, uplifting, or inspiring

A Way with Words - another NPR favorite that I often miss because of when it airs.

I am currently looking for a really good, interesting podcast on cocktails, booze, bourbon, etc.  So what are your favorites?
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The Moth is great, and I've been listening to this American Life for years.

Some others I listen too

The bob and tom show. Yearly subscription but worth it to me

Intelligence squared
The nerdist
Off the air with chick mcgee
The dr will miller podcast
Stuff you should know
Stuff you missed in history class
Stuff to blow your mind
Radio lab
Story corp
Dan Carlins hardcore history
TED radio hour
This American Life
Fresh Air
BBC news
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Risk! True stories. Not for the politically-correct type. It's like The Moth after hours.
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Vynil Cafe on CBC radio..... 

Stortytelling and Canadian music  .... and the host is really good 

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