What are your biggest kitchen pet peeves?

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If it will be at work or back at home. What are the things which no other workplace has to endure. 
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#1 - Don't touch my knives and #2 - if you are behind me say something!  Otherwise I'm easy.
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Don't touch my knives for sure. The only thing that really bugs me is when server's lean on the pass and complain about the heat.
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I cannot stand backseat cooks. If I'm nice enough to cook you dinner, I will do it my way. This especially includes critiquing my cutting technique or the dullness of my knives.

Also, if you are one of those people who can't just watch, (mom,) I'm fine with you washing lettuce or something. However if you are just going to completely take over midway, that shows your lack of confidence in me and I would rather you just made the whole meal yourself from start to finish.

Maybe invite me over instead so I can drink all your wine.
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Please put all your stuff away and clean your area before you move on to the next task.
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