What are you thankful for?


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In the Thanksgiving spirit lets post what we are thankful for.

I am thankful for:

- that I am healthy
- that I have a job and work with some great people
- that I am out of debt
- my wonderful family
- that after ten+ years ChefTalk is still around.
- all the great people I have met through ChefTalk
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Even though its not technically my Thanksgiving I'm still going to write what I am thankful for. 

-Good health

-Good family and all the new beautiful additions to it! 

-Good job, that allows me freedom and to travel! 

- The skiing season that just started up!!!
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It's not my Thanksgiving either (that was last month in Canada) I have some things I am thankful for

-my family, even the sister-inlaw that drives me crazy at times I know her heart is in the right place

-my son's continued good heath

-a home of my own

-good food on the table

-a job doing what I enjoy

-my husband's job (both of us get paid do do what we enjoy!)

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who is celebrating tomorrow.
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I'm thankful for literally everything.  For every loved one.  Every friend.  Every enemy.  Every moment.  Every breath.  Every touch.  Every sight, sound, smell and taste.  Every feeling.  Every thought.  Every step. 

For all of you.

I am thankful.
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I am thankful for:

- a wonderful wife-to-be that loves me

- a family that loves me

- a God that loves me

- a country that lets me enjoy all of the above.

Happy Thanksgiving!
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 i am thankful for all that everyone else has said. plus all of you! thanks all...wishing you all good times...let it continue on...


oh, and i am very very thankful to not having to shovel this winter!
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Well Thanks-giving has come and gone for the Canadians....

I am thankfull for....

1.Teachers who have aided me in my journey

2.Friends who have aided me through a difficult time

3. People who have taught me something worthwhile

4. People who have made me feel appreciated

5. People who I enjoy spending time with

People who make a difference in my life, are not the ones with the most credentials,the most money,or the most awards.They are the ones ,who care the most

Happy Thanks-Giving


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To Give Thanks for (although it's not a tradition here):

1.  My family

2.  The support of my parents over a long period of hard years

3.  Living in a free country

4.  Waking up before the dawn at bird call so I can see a new day begin.  (Geez those birds are rowdy /img/vbsmilies/smilies/biggrin.gif)

5.  Taking another breath
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I count my blessings everytime I hear how others dont have the blessings I do ;-

I'm thankful for 3 healthy, happy sons.

A husband who still adores me after nearly 20 years

A chance to change my career and enjoy cooking again just for the pleasure of it, instead of working it.

The space to cultivate a garden...2011 will be year 2 and i'm looking forward to learning from last years mistakes.

I'm truly thankful for the support of my family and freinds when i chose to leave my obvious life path and instead do what makes me happy

Happy thanksgiving to all in the USA
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