What are you prepping today!

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I know we're all busy today!  I like to be prepared for a holiday and prep as much as I can in advance.  My contribution to the Thanksgiving table is a ham, stuffed mushrooms, and an apple pie.  So my prep includes

Shopping (done)

Cleaning (not done!)

Clearing out the fridge (done)

Washing all the necessary serving dishes.(done)

Picking out my outfit /img/vbsmilies/smilies/tongue.gif

I'm going to make the pie dough today and chill it overnight.  Tomorrow I will make the filling and bake.

For the mushrooms I'm going to cook off the sausage and assemble the filling minus the breadcrumbs.

Tomorrow first thing in goes the ham.  It's big and we like to have some for breakfast.  Then the pies get baked and then mushrooms go in.

Question - should I prep the mushrooms today? I wash mushrooms and I do like to prep them a couple of hours ahead so that they dry but will doing it overnight cause them to darken?
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Go ahead and prep mushrooms. Acidulated water with some lemon juice or vinegar (small amount) will keep it clean
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I wash them as well and have had instances of bruising if not cooked right after so I would leave them.

My prep consists of gathering up some jeans and tops and one nice outfit and leaving for the fisherman to pack (what a guy lol).

Most of the family and friends scattered this year and since shopping is so much more fun when done someplace other than the home town....

We seized the opportunity to slip away.

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Maybe do half and half and file the info of what works for you.




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Cheesecake, pies, maybe the sweet potato rolls. Start the bread drying for the stuffing
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Washing beer bottles to get counter space(I wait until I have 100+ to wash, they are all triple rinsed so just need a short soak in cleaner. Fun and joy of brewing beer!), cleaning kitchen, making pumpkin pies. Need to run a broom through the house to get cat fur(both are shedding as their winter coats come in).
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I made corn bread and diced up my other breads for stuffing.  Today I'm making stuffing, creamed corn and oyster pudding and gravy.  

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