What are you listening to these days?

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check this guy out:

Jose James

>> Lay You Down  (music'll play if you click me)

... tournee music, low and slow, solid rythym, competent musicianship...
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I borrowed Paul Towndrow's new CD from my brother in-law. I have long been a fan after hearing him at a small town Cumbrian venue.
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8-track, yeah I've used them too, but I see them as a gadget version of cassette tapes. Reel-to-reel, the pros used for a long time as the standard.
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What is next eh Yeti ?

Tonight I youtubed Keith Jarrett because I read an article by Mark Menden (Exec Chef of Carnivale in Chicago) and he said that he was really enjoying the new CD " The melody at Night, With You " while he cooks.

So tonight I searched and found this song "Somewhere over the Rainbow" which is a beautiful song period but this time I closed my eyes and by the end of the song................(pass the kleenex please). Just beautiful. The way music should be sometimes, raw and pure.


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If u havnt tried band of horses... Their Infinite arms album is magic. especially the track Factory.   Smacks of crowded house???... Great violins

Enjoyed your posts Petals. Bin away for a while. Gd to see u.
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A little bit of everything lately. I have eclectic taste overall, but recently it's been a lot of dance/club hits- The Freemasons, Ben Hill, Madonna, Kaskade, Gaelle Addison, Samantha James. I'm probably going to be slipping into a nice Brazilian Lounge for the end of the summer into the fall- as I feel as if things are finally starting to mellow out from a hectic summer.
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I went to see the Michael Buble concert in Ottawa last weekend. His latest CD "Crazy Love" is full of wonderful songs . He opened his concert with this song "Cry me a River" and .......well if your into big band, this was quite the show. I kindly asked him to stop singing directly to me but.....you know how it is ? (cough cough)

Another nice song :
and:  ( Stardust-most beautiful lyrics- Nat King Cole does it great too) ......what a concert.

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Just went to four nights of Phish (phish shows are always my vactions) in In and Wis, so ive been lisenting to that lately.
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"The book of heavy metal" by Dream Evil... but NEVER the 1st song! I HATE it and always skip it whenever it comes up *lol*. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/peace.gif
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Hello There................forgive me for the delay.......I have had not been able to write as much but when I do have a chance I try to read your posts which keep me  very much informed about so many things. Ten Years Nicko.....wonderful. For all for you that have asked about me.....still very much alive and working hard.

I have been traveling, to much to go into detail about. Saw the most beautiful concert abroad and I just had to share this artist with you. Not just this song but all of her songs. If you enjoy jazz...........this is just awesome. Her Album, " My one and only thrill", just soothes the soul .


     Melody Gardot : Baby I'm a fool

   Melody gardot   I   

"If the stars were mine"

then of course........."Who will comfort me" , " My one and only thrill ".............

    "Love me like a river does".

Your thought of............stay well my friends. ;) ()X  By the way the thread have been so enlightening, it truly is a great site.
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A few tunes that I've been infatuated with lately are:

Quiet Dawn, Nostalgia 77

Optical Illusions, William Orbit (Billy Buttons Mix)

Stay the Same, Bonobo (feat. Andreya Triana)

I've mostly been listening while doing random chores at home to relax after work, so those three are pretty chill songs, but still lively IMO.


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Okay, so for the past month or so I've been on this Dr. Horrible kick.  Been listening to the soundtrack from Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog quite a bit and singing it constantly at work.
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Geez, I've been listening to everything lately. CCR, Kid Cudi, Elton John, and Pete Fountain to name a few.
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Been listening to my parents, as always /img/vbsmilies/smilies/crazy.gif

But on more a serious note, anything by James Brown or Barry White are touching a chord with me.  INXS and U2 as well.

  Oh no, giving away my age here.......ha!  I've earned the years /img/vbsmilies/smilies/thumb.gif  - and every grey hair.

P.S. Hey petals, welcome back - it's great to hear from you in here! Long time no see, hope all is well.

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Hello There................
    Petals & Coco, glad you're doing well and it's good to hear from you. Busy can be good, although sometimes tiring.   I wish you nothing too sweet and always just a little bit of bitterness,  ≥ 70% wishes to you /img/vbsmilies/smilies/wink.gif

   be good!
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