What are you listening to these days?

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I've been listening to Eva Cassidy Songbird and
Ella Fitzgeralds Christmas recently. I also got some tickets today for Buddy Guy with Lonnie Brooks & Indigenous :)

enjoy the music!

Eva rocks. Had a chance to see her at the Birchmere, but I decided to do something else that weekend; learned later that she passed away shortly thereafter. Definitely one of my regrets when it comes to music.

Have been listening to the artist LP for a bit....she's got one hell of a range. Puts on a good show as well.
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I'd have loved to see Eva Cassidy live! Such an epic talent, taken far too soon.

Lately I've been listening a lot to Anna Vedovic. Also just got the newest album by Punch Brothers, and while I haven't got a lot of time with it I'm loving it so far.
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A lot of Miles, Stanley Clark, Headhunters, lots of guitar all in the kitchen when I'm cooking and entertaining. Sometimes I'm in a "big band" mood and will stream Tower of Power, Snarky Puppy, Jaco, Four Play, etc.
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I love this girl! She covers a bunch of 80's show's theme songs- Knight Rider, Airwolf, TMNT, He-Man, etc.

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Most listened to albums this calendar year so far:
  1. Melt Banana - Fetch
  2. Nick Drake - Bryter Layter
  3. Ween - White Pepper
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There are about 30 different holidays celebrated by the major religions of the world in the November - January timeframe. Maybe you celebrate Christmas, maybe you don't. But whatever you do believe, you can believe in beautiful music.

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Nothing much...
Only just got power (solar) and actually a bit bored with my mp3 player songs.
No TV or CD player set up yet and no radio connection.
So I listen to the wind, my Jack Russells yapping, hyena's, baboons, goats and birds ...
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Oh man, we've been grooving on (don't laugh) 60's cuts from Herb Alpert and the Tiajuana Brass the past few days - my mother (rest her soul) loved his stuff, and when my stepdaughter (who knew nothing of this) came up, she started playing TJB songs out of her playlist... It's funny, as I usually listen to either something a little more "hardcore" from that era, or opera / classical, but this totally opened up my audio repritoire and got me grooving to 60's mariachi.

Whipped cream, anyone? :emoji_yum:
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