What are you doing this winter?

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I have to edit down my resume. People see my work history and make assumptions that I must need a management position or a chef position when the truth is I'm retired and am looking for whatever small job I'm applying for.

I took a job for the winter as a dishwasher working for a foreign family who own a local cafe. I'm the only native English-speaker in the place. I didn't tell them exactly my work history, only that I needed to get out of the house, had a little restaurant experience and could help out if they ended me to. I like doing it. My joke to them is that I can either spend $100 a month to go join the local gym or work for them and get the benefit of a gym, a free steam room, and a tiny paycheck. I don't think they got the joke.
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@Peachcreek LOL, I can relate. I also decided awhile back to scale things down a bit. A working retirement more or less, no more 60-70 hour weeks, minimize responsibility, etc. I had to dumb down my resume considerably and minimize my work history. Even so, I still initially encounter skepticism and raised eyebrows, but I win them over given enough time to talk. The hard part comes after being hired, keeping my yap shut. I keep telling myself "Not my circus, not my monkeys"
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@Peachcreek I am also retired. I work like crazy at a summer camp for four months each summer. My fall, winter and spring are pretty quiet. I haven't worked between seasons for a couple years except for the occasional odd job.

I have two resumes. The first one clearly states that I am looking for seasonal work. I summarize my experience on page one and list my post retirement employment on page two. My full-time career in government institutions is reduced to a single line. The second one is for year-round work in case I decide to return to full-time for a couple years.

How did you pare down your resume?
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I just flat out lie :)

I have lots of experience and just say enough to get the job. This past job I didn't even give them a resume... filled out the cheesy 1 page app, put my spouse and friends down as personal references and called it good. Its easy for me to keep my mouth shut. None of them really speak conversational English. But they like me and accept me.... and hey.... they gave me a raise.
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