What are western style beef ribs and can I substitute them in beef short rib recipes?

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Brand new to the forum about 5 minutes ago.  You know what they say about necessity...

Anyway, we are having a dinner party in a few days, and one of my wife's friends practically begged me to make red wine braised short ribs.  Of course no stores in the area have any beef shorts ribs.  I was able to find some nice looking "western style" boneless ribs.  I have figured out that these are not ribs at all, but are from the chuck.  Questions:

Can I can substitute these western style chuck "ribs" for short ribs

Do I need to make any changes in the basic braise type short rib recipe?

And most importantly, will anybody but me know that these are not short ribs (I usually discard the bones before serving)?

I really appreciate any help.


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I agree, braise them as you would short ribs. I did see a recipe of someone using a chicken shock instead of beef stock as the braising liquid. They felt the beef stock and the red wine made it to heavy. When I braise I do it with beef stock, tomato paste, and red wine...... I never used chicken stock but it's worth a try for a lighter less bold wine flavor.. 
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One way I do them is with fennel bulb instead of onion, stout beer ( Epic 825 is my favorite ) and add dried tart cherries. Maybe when the monthly challenge is braising ...

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