What are true chef

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who? were they the ones that used to post in 2002? SCTV...nope, no memory of them.

Carry my bags? your on.....here we come Union Sq....gee there are probably a whole lot more farmers there now that it's Spring.....I bet you guys have rhubarb, my rhubarb farmer up and retired after 70+ years of selling on the market...jiminy 90+ years old been at Soulard since 1930 and he ups and retires. Noone else is growing rhubarb in these parts, seems as if everyone thinks its not salable. I miss him. Bet you got asparagus too, possibly interesting cheeses, bet the biodynamic folks have shtuff now, and the capon guy and the strawberries are probably coming out.....hmmm micro sprouts, lettuces, spinach, japanese turnips....say you got a cart? I'm about out of that fruffy great aged basalmic from the Italian store on Spring that had killer fresh mozz....
Olive oil and parmesan that was date, numbered and labled by the season it was produced....and it was not exspensive.
My dear friend Marc Felix talks about Whole Food in Time Warner with a gleem in his eyes....bet they got cool shtuff there too. seems like there are taxis around NYC, course they are alittle scary....kinda like bumper cars going 90 mph on streets that are busy, and have lights and walking people....
I read Tom Colicceo (sp?) has got a cool new steak house with differently aged steaks...wanna do a vertical tasting? Market start May 20th and if I don't get away now I won't get away until Oct....reality of a farmer's market.
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Craft steak,
I'm there.

Never been a huge fan of rhubarb, but i love the natural pectin for texture and preparing preserves. Asparagus is just now coming in strong. Firm exterior, crunchy/creamy interior
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That's why I love this guy! Never misses a beat :D

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Neat philosophy but how do you Iron chef it?.....We should have a country iron chef one from each country battle it out ...

I love God too and jesus (whoops wrong chat line) and are thankful for all the beautifl produce we can have and the one did give us "dominion" over all the earth.
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it takes all your life to learn how to cook and 15 minutes to become a chef

a job interview

i think a good chef should love to cook and put out good food

and train and inspire his staff to do the same

after that a good chef should be conscious of his food and labor costs

after a while it comes pretty natural writing menus, utilizing your products

trying to keep your orders on par

Id rather be on the line sometimes, but your stuck in the office crunching numbers and pnl's doing schedules

then managing people can be tough, with the daily drama and turnover

its a crazy buisness
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