What are the expectations when doing an internship?

Do you feel an internship is a valuable learning experience to help further your cooking career?

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Joined Jun 18, 2015

I am interested in the perspective of internships and externships amongst the culinary field. 

I was wondering what culinary students and/or graduates expect when participating in an internship. Is there a certain level of expectation or experience one would like to take away from an internship?

Do you feel the expectation would be different working in a corporate dining setting versus a fine dining restaurant?

I would love feedback from any professional in the field and/or students. 

Thank you for your time
Joined Jun 15, 2015
I personally think it depends based on what field you are doing the internship and what your personal path will be. For some you may hope more to learn about the way to run a restaurant, others might be looking more to build their culinary skills. I do feel that doing an internship need to be more than just work experience and should help you learn and grow, it should strike a balance between a job and class in my opinion.

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