What are the duties that a Kitchen Manager is responsible for in a catering kitchen?

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I am trying to figure out what a kitchen manager in the catering departments duties are on a day to day bases, i have kind of been thrown in that position and I do not want to shit the bed can someone please walk me down the duties and responsibilities of a kitchen manager.
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The textbook answer is the kitchen manager oversees all kitchen operations, ensures safety and sanitation regulations are kept, orders food, prepares menus, deals with staff issues, hires, fires etc.

In reality, that list is not the same in every kitchen. But, those are the nuts and bolts of it.
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Okay, how often are they cooking? Do I work from home?? Do i take note of inventory when for next weeks orders ?


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You work as needed for catering. Your hours vary as required.

1) you are responsible for reading and understand all the event orders for the upcoming week or two, and daily.
2) You are in charge of purchasing all the product you need.
3) You are in charge of assigning prep and full event responsibilities to a cook
4) You are in charge of scheduling said personnel, prep and cooks.
5) You are in charge of tasting and quality of everything (obviously)
6) You are in charge of creating daily prep sheets and work assignments for everyone. VERY IMPORTANT TO DOUBLE CHECK THIS.
7) You are in charge of making sure your catering crew leader is in sync with your assigned cook

In general you must be meticulous and keep track of all details for all events.
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^ Even kuan kuan excellent answer is not all encompassing. There's going to be a bit of trial and error and growing pains that go along with your new position. We can give a general sense of what's going to be on your daily checklist of things to do. But, there'r probably going to be additional responsibilities that that are unique to the catering service that you work for. Some of the responsibilities you have at your catering business may not be the same responsibilities of a kitchen manager in another catering operation.

Remain flexible and expect the unexpected and you will do well. :)
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Absolutely speak to your employer to find out specifically what he/she expects. Write it down and master it while absorbing every bit of detail you can. Implement change to improve your operations efficiency/quality. Speak regularly with your employer about any challenges you are facing/ideas you have/input from them/etc.. Form a partnership, teams will succeed before individuals. Always speak to your guests when appropriate and ask for feedback. It all boils down to efficiency/quality/costs/working relationship, specifics are just that.

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