What are some good things to make in a Vitamax blender?

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Smoothies, blended coffee drinks, purées for soups, he'll they even say you can make your soup right in the blender.
I bought one a couple months ago after thinking about it for years.
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In the past I've used the vitamix for making vinaigrette and or purées such as pomé purée, monté an soups. Very versatile machine to have in the kitchen. Gi
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I use mine alot for adding ingredients that I don't want folks to see. In the past I have made barbecue sauces with fresh onions, garlic, and other "things", that once pureed in the Vitamix & added to the sauce, you would never know what was in there. It's such a better way than adding dried spices...the flavors are incomparable. I have made barbecue sauces with both dried & fresh ingredients side by side...taste tests slanted heavily to the fresh sauces.
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VitaMix is by far the best and most versatile kitchen appliance of the many that I have. At 12 pounds, 1200 watts, and two brake horsepower, it will puree anything- including a cellphone in one of their old commercials. (They didn't offer a recipe with this demo.) If you're wearied with cooking, it makes the best frozen margaritas and frozen daiquiris you will over encounter.
Most busy bars have three or four in a row on their back bars.

Mike :rolleyes:
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Hmmm lets see - today I put a half pint of grape tomatoes, clove of garlic, fresh parsley, salt, some grated cheese, evoo and peperoncino in the blender and made a fresh sauce then deglazed a pan I cooked garlic Italian sausages in for a garlic bread dip.
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